Even if today's society, you have a decent chance of getting robbed or assaulted at least once in your lifetime.

The good news: preparing for these circumstances can make all the difference. By learning a few self-defense techniques, you can protect yourself in most situations. This comes with the added benefit of increasing your self-confidence.

Want to get started?

Here are 4 self-defense moves that can get you out of a jam.

1. Groin Kick
Is your attacker coming at you from the front? If so, one of the best ways to paralyze them is to deliver a kick to the groin with a lot of force. Other than the eyes, nose, and throat, the groin is the most vulnerable area of the human body.

Start by balancing your body, and then lift your dominant leg off the ground. Drive your knee upward, push your hips forward, and kick them forcefully in the groin region. If the attacker is very close to you, smash your knee toward the groin instead.

2. Heel Palm Strike
Going for the nose or throat is one of the best self-defense moves you can learn. To execute it, get in front of your attacker as much as possible. Then, flex your wrist with your dominant hand and jab upward from the nostrils or at the throat.

The key tip here is to bring your strike back quickly. By pulling your arm back quickly, you should be able to push your attacker's head up and behind. If you apply enough force, the attacker should fall backward, giving you a chance to quickly run away.

3. Bear Hug Escape
Sometimes, your attacker will try to sneak up on you and grab you from behind. The best defense against this move is to be aware of your surroundings. This article from https://kravmagaclasses.online lays out a few useful tips in this regard.

If you do get grabbed from behind, shift your weight forward to make it harder for them to pick you up. Then, use either of your elbows to strike their face. This should give you enough space to use another move or simply run away.

4. Key Tips
Using car keys for self-defense is another common and effective technique. This is a lot better than using fingernails, as you're less likely to injure your hands. If you carry your keys on a lanyard, you can use it to swing at your attacker.

The other way to use keys is to hold them ready for a hammer strike. Hold the keyring so that the keys stick out from the side of your hand. When your attacker gets in range, thrust downward toward them as if you're swinging a hammer.

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Other Self-Defense Techniques

Though these techniques can help you protect yourself, they're not perfect. If you don't feel you're physically ready to handle an attacker, take other precautions. For example, tools such as pepper spray or lipstick taser can help you feel more at ease.