I wrote an article "Recommended Ten Ways to Make Money Online", which mainly introduced some simple methods of making money online. As long as you do it according to the requirements, you can earn dozens of dollars a day. Yesterday, someone asked me if there was a way to earn 300-500 a day on the Internet . I said yes, but it depends on how you do it. If you do well, you will not only make so much money. Think about it today, let's recommend it, anyway, it may be inspiring to some people.

Recommend ten ways to make money online: a way to earn 300-500$

Make money from the media

Since the media is definitely a hot online earning project, from Baijia to WeChat public account, many people rely on this to make a fortune. Opening a self-media number is very simple, as long as you register and upload your ID card, you can basically pass portrait recognition, but you want to earn 300-500 a day through self-media but it is not that simple. At least the early stage takes a lot of time to manage your own self Media number. Since the media mainly through traffic and advertising to make money, that you send the article click rates have income, and so influential businessmen will have your number put in the ad, such as from the media not to mention one day number 300 -500 , it is possible to earn 1000 a day .

Open an Online Store to Make Money

Opening an online store mainly refers to a Taobao store. It may be relatively simple to open a Taobao store in the past few years, so everyone makes more money through the Taobao store. Taobao has not been so easy in recent years, but as long as your Taobao store is on track, basically You can make hundreds of dollars a day. The initial investment and operation are more important, and the later period is mainly maintenance. You can see which Taobao shop is booming now, which annual income is not hundreds of thousands, even small sellers can make tens of thousands of dollars a day.

Make Money by Making Money

Wechat is actually the same as opening a Taobao store. It sells products through the Internet. However, Wechat seems to be simpler, without a store, and you can only sell one product. Of course, WeChat is not just about sending a circle of friends every day, but to promote it with care. It is best to try it yourself from copywriting to product trial, so that it is persuasive. But there are so many people who really make money through Wechat, and there are people around me who resign and go home to specialize in Wechat.

Promote e-commerce platform products

Now there are many e-commerce apps , such as Yunji and Beidian. As long as you join these app platforms and become the owner of the above, you can make money. By sharing products, you can make money by selling products on the e-commerce platform. There are still many. This is a new type of online sales. More and more people are already doing this. Not only can they make money, but they can also save a lot when they shop.

Make live broadcasts to make money

Live broadcasting has been available in the past few years, but at that time, many people felt that live broadcasting relied on face value. There is indeed a face value to do live broadcasting, which can have a certain advantage. In fact, real learning is the capital of live broadcasting. Some game masters have special achievements in certain game fields, so you can open a live broadcast to introduce this kind of game. The more fans make more money, the live broadcast platform will also share part of the gains to live broadcast. Signing a live broadcast, these people are making money every minute.

Make money through small video software

Small video software is different from live streaming to make money. It is more simple and convenient. Not only can you watch videos to make money on these small video software, you can also make money by sending videos, and mining can make money. Huoxiu video is a model that combines small video and mining. This model of making money gives netizens a brand new experience. Many people who make hundreds of money a day through Huoxiu Video are now recharged to enjoy more rights, and the dividend ratio is also high.

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Make money through a personal website or blog

Personal websites or blogs are actually similar to self-media, but in a different way. For example, if you develop a personal website yourself, you can share products on it, and you can also share various articles. The early stage is mainly to attract online fans. After a certain popularity, you can receive advertisements. These advertisements can be online earning platform advertisements. It can be a product advertisement, as long as it meets the taste of netizens.

Make money as a freelancer

To be a freelancer and want to earn 300-500 a day is definitely a matter of fact. This is more suitable for design talents or people with copywriting experience. You see that the commission for each design on Witkey Online is above 300 , so as long as you have real skills, you can design a work that meets the requirements of the employer, and you can basically achieve the goal of making a lot of money.

Write articles to make money

Writing articles mainly refers to submissions and the like. For example, writing articles on the Bajie Article Daily Payment Network makes money. There are still many self-media platforms that need manuscripts. They will issue tasks through the submission platform. Netizens write articles according to the requirements of the manuscript. The salary of each article selected is more than 200 yuan, and some are even higher. The manuscript platform is such an intermediate platform. There are many tasks on it, and there are novels and the like .

Make money on online earning platform or app software to make money

There are many online earning projects that can be done on the online earning platform or the app software to make money , such as playing games to make money, questionnaires to make money, watching the news to make money, etc., but it is difficult to make 300-500 a day with these alone , but these The platform has a common task is to make apprentices to make money. It is also called promotion to make money. You can get rewards through the promotion of platforms or software. There is no upper limit to this method of making money. As long as you have the ability to make thousands of a day, there are many people. There are various rewards on some platforms, such as promotion to the top three, and additional cash rewards read more online dunya.