To tell you the truth, Instagram is not the first place you head to when you decide to do social selling. It is Facebook at number 1. Some even use Twitter and Pinterest for the same. But yes, these secondary channels work only if you have been successful at generating leads via sales announcements or through the direct product. So, why Instagram, when it doesn’t even let you add a hyperlink to the product or the website in the description?

Well, let us tell you why. In the past few years, Instagram is at the top of its game. Several new brands have come up, and it is the visual nature of the platform that makes it an excellent platform for marketing. Furthermore, Instagram can be used as an excellent social portal for your storefront. The only thing with Instagram is that you should know how to use it. If you can use it well, it will help you reap in great benefits.

Instagram has a couple of actual tools that will help you with selling the products. The good thing is that all of these products are extremely useful, and will certainly work phenomenally and make up for Instagram’s shortage of tools. Now, Instagram has a couple of creative ways that help you sell on the platform. So, from offering people with great services or products to selling products online, creating apparels, becoming an Instagram influencer, and selling out pictures, Instagram has more than a few ways to help you get started.

Selling Products on Instagram

As for a visual social platform is concerned, Instagram is number 1. So, on this platform, it gets easier for the top-selling products to avail a good advantage. Some of the best-selling products on Instagram include technology-related products, such as phone cases, covers, or laptop skins, beauty products or makeup, fashion apparels, and a few eco-friendly products. George shares his experience with Instagram and says that he tried to promote and sell his best data science certification course on the platform.

So, if you have a product or service that you wish to sell on Instagram, you shouldn’t shy away. For somebody who doesn’t have their product, drop shipping can be a good option. In drop shipping, there is a company, which is the true owner of the product; it will handle both the shipping and the inventory.

So, when the customer shops from your Instagram, he will pay you, and then you have to pay the company a price that you have agreed to pay for the specific product. eCommerce channels like Amazon encourage alternatives like drop shipping.

Putting up digital services and products on sale on Instagram

Digital services and products, too, do well on Instagram. You can use the platform to put forth your assignment help providing services, web design skills, and showcase creative fonts. Sketches and logo designs also get huge success on Instagram.

Become an Instagram influence

People who are successful and enjoy a mass following on Instagram can consider becoming an Instagram influencer. So, in this, instead of directly selling your products or service, you primarily advertise for the companies who sell out certain products. A lot of companies today take help of Instagram influencer to popularize their products or services. Samantha, an Instagram influencer, shares her experience stating that she does Instagram advertisements for companies from all spheres of work, be it a makeup brand, accounting homework help providing company, digital product selling company, or a phone company. So, if you have a loyal following on your Instagram, this could be a great prospect.

Apparels designing

Another phenomenal way to start an online business on Instagram is by creating apparel. This is a perfect idea not only for aspiring or established fashion designers, but for anyone creative, witty, and capable of creating customized dresses, T-shirts, shorts, or any other clothing apparel. Try to keep them as creative and as unique as possible. It is good to have a universal theme throughout your work. Manya, an Instagram apparel designer, is a college student, she shares her experience saying that some days she gets so engrossed in her apparel designing, that she has to pay for papers to keep up with her assignments.

Turn the photos to prints

A photographer Daniel Arnold was desperate for money, and his desperation got him approximately $15,000 in a single day with PayPal orders. All of this was achievable with a simple trick, which isn’t even a trick after all. One day, he randomly decided to ask his 1,00,000 plus Instagram followers whether they would like to have a print of any of his posted photographs. On this question of his, he got a phenomenal response. So, he printed his pictures and sent them to his followers for a very small fee. And that became his success story. So, do not ignore the power of persuasion, ask people online to buy from you, and you never know when you’ll find a lot of them interested in your stuff.