Homework aims to help students develop their skills in handling subjects independently through practice, it is also meant to establish a time and work management skills for students and reinforce learning. Sometimes, homework seems to take up all extra time, including the time when one should be relaxing with family or spending on shopping and such; you need solutions to solve my homework menace. There are things that cause the homework to take longer than expected to finish, which takes away all the motivation that one would have to enjoy working on it.

Research done on the effectiveness of homework proved that it yields positive effects academically. Though, it is only effective when the teacher gives feedback, whether positive or negative. As much as we would like to spend less time on homework so that we catch up with other things, coming up with quality homework is as important as finishing it. Homework is effective for teachers to assess where their students didn’t understand and come up with strategies to revisit the subject matter to explain more for them to understand.

There is no need to work on homework late at night and have an early start the next day of school.

Here are a few tips on how to spend less time on homework.

  • The very first step is to note down each and every activity you are expected to take care of in the evening. Allocate time for each and every activity in which you think it will be accomplished.
  • Have everything you need to use during the undertaking of the assignment within your reach. Having to break off concentration to look for an important tool to use lengthens the time you will use working on your homework.
  • The time you have set aside for homework should be cut down by 15minutes at most. You need to have a timer on your working table and be very strict in maintaining the time. To finish your homework on your set time you need maximum concentration.
  • Keep your phone on airplane mode so that you are not distracted by beeps and blinks.
  • If you are working online avoid getting distracted by unrelated sites which pop up as you browse. If you will really need to check it, note it down and look at it once you are through with your homework.
  • You need to re-energize your brain every now and then. Take breaks of at least 10 minutes to rest for a while, then return to doing your homework.
  • Whenever you finish homework before the set time, be sure to reward yourself, you can take a snack. And do not forget to allocate that time to something else like checking on your social media sites or chatting.
  • When you have tons of homework, it is not only frustrating, but also time-consuming. Working efficiently and producing quality paper written work is very challenging, but once you get used to it, it is easy. All the above can be summarized as tips that will help you stay focused, organized with good planning skills and motivate yourself always. These simple steps lead you to more fun and excitement as you work on your study time.