I find Live In Care Services very useful when the maternal mother of my friend got paralyzed. My friend’s parents died in a car accident. After their death, only her maternal mother is her family. She brought her up. They spend a very good time as the mother of her mother loves her a lot. I frequently go to her house as I was their neighbor and spend a very good time because her granny was very jolly. She makes very nice food for us. Play indoor games like chess with us. Our childhood is very beautiful due to her. She always forces us to study well. So, we always try to get good positions in class. Granny is very smart and never need anyone for help. And they had a good financial background. He had two houses on rent and it was enough for all their expenses and my friend’s studies.

When we go to college, she was fine and life was not change much. But she was getting old and tired. My visit to their place was also getting less as I choose different subjects. But I visit every week. The college goes over and now we move to university. Granny is not healthy at all now. She got hypertension and diabetes. Doctors told her not to take stress at all. But my friend’s university schedules stressed her. In university, it is not possible to manage time easily and come home on time regularly. But she was getting very old and not understanding at all.

One day my friend was late due to a party at university. She got late and when she came back, the granny was unconscious. She calls the ambulance. I also reach to the hospital immediately. Doctors got a heart attack and her right side paralyzed. It was a very difficult time. Our final exams were coming after two months and granny need care. We off two weeks from the university. When granny got stable then she told us to go to university. She doesn’t want to waste our struggles. But we are worried about her. We can’t have left her at home on her own.

I ask my university friend about any good caretaker but she had no idea. We research more even on the internet because the exams were arriving very fast. We find two good companies which were offering good caretakers at reasonable prices. I thought my friend should visit before hiring. I stay with granny and she selects a good company by visiting it. The company is very many professionals and provides a very good caretaker. The caretaker was completely trained and easily provide treatment to granny in difficult conditions. Granny was very happy. We concentrate on studies and complete our degree.

We hire Live In Care Services from Verrolyne Services. They are well-reputed and professional. Their caretakers are completely trained and polite. I recommend if you are in a difficult situation like us then consider the company for help.