Two European amazing places with their own treasures to discover – Hungary and Belgium.

Belgium is known and reputed for being culturally rich historically. Well, it’s a country that boasts of cosmopolitan towns with cutting-edge modern infrastructure at the side of grand palaces and centuries-antique monuments. Delicious candies, mouth-watering waffles, and high-quality Belgian beer are all logos of Belgium.

Hungary perpetually functions within the journey itinerary. A country that offers outstanding structure, rich records, and a unique ethos with distinct cultural milieus to their buyers. So, don’t wait anymore and get your flight ticket now by visiting british airways official site and get exclusive offers on Hungary and Belgium trip.

Highlighting the best about Hungary and Belgium in detail



"Fast becoming certainly one of Europe’s move-to spots for a holiday or as one of the best countries to teach English, Hungary and its capital city combines cheap tour charges with the first-rate of what Europe has to offer. From Art Noveau structure to an abundance of hot springs and bathhouses that would supply Istanbul a run for its money, to a dining tradition par excellence and historic landmarks including the Danube Memorial and the ignoble Terror House."

Budapest is awash with vacationer fancies. Get a gander of the fantastic cityscape from one of its innumerable bridges, or go to a number of the attractions that harken to Hungary’s Golden Age. Budapest is certain to pride you at the same time as the final clean on the wallet.


An assessment of the towns stated here, Esztergom can best be known as a town. But its claims to reputation are several – and it offers a far-needed respite from the city scrambles to picturesque town facet wanderings alongside the banks of the Danube River. The cultural and spiritual seat of having an effect on the Roman Catholic religion for over a thousand years,

Esztergom has some historic landmarks up for visit. Unique among them is the domed Basilica, established atop a hilltop at the Danube. The reflections of the Basilica at the river are sights to die for, by using day and by the night time. 

How to Get There

Budapest is a totally popular destination with Indians so do book in advance. If you’ve got a tour portal account, high-quality use it to avail air miles and reductions on the journey because these tickets do not come reasonably-priced. Aeroflot, Lufthansa, Air France, Emirates, and Etihad Airways are popular companies working among India and Hungary.

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Charming and fashionable, the colorful metropolis of Brussels is a traveler satisfaction. Most landmarks in a town are both cathedrals or ancient monuments. Only in Brussels will you discover a famous statue of a little boy relieving himself in a fountain referred to as the Mannekin Pis is a first-rate enchantment.

One of Europe’s’ maximum beautiful squares and a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Grand Place is the city’s center where you may discover ornate baroque and gothic buildings. Concerts, events, and a daily flower market in the summertime is a large enchantment here.

Other enormous monuments worth of a go-to in Brussels include the 13th century Town Hall, the Royal Palace, which is domestic to the Belgian king and Atomium, fashioned at the version of a standard iron crystal enlarged 165 billion instances and undoubtedly the country’s most iconic symbol. 


The bustling town of Antwerp is domestic to iconic museums and cathedrals. Irrespective when you have somewhere to go or not, visit the Central Station, a multi-level terminus built the usage of iron and glass and deemed as one of the most stunning teach stations in the global.

Another public masterpiece is De Stadsfeestzaal, which homes stores in a converted dance corridor entire with a sweeping marble staircase, golden glass dome, and a mosaic floor. For some bling, head to the Diamond District wherein you may see diamond sellers and stone cutters at work even as art fans will experience an afternoon at the Rubenshuis, the previous domestic and studio of Peter Paul Rubens. 

Located in the Flemish location of Belgium, the town of Ghent is known for its medieval structure that may be seen in its monuments like Saint Bavo Cathedral, which homes the Ghent Altarpiece comprising 12 panels designed and built by way of the Van Eyck brothers. Visit the Belfry and Cloth Hall where you can take an elevator up to the Belfry’s upper gallery and notice the giant bells toll as you feast your eyes on a wide-ranging view of the city.

Ghent additionally has numerous museums, particularly MSK with its collection of Flemish paintings and sculptures, SMAK, which presentations contemporary artwork and MIAT, the Museum approximately Industry, Labour, and Textile that is situated in a vintage cotton mill. 

How To Get There

Major international airlines which include KLM, Air France, Air India, and Jet Airways operate flights from India to Brussels. Check out for available flights from your town here on the caribbean airlines official site. the most preferred and easiest way to get your flight bookings.

Last words

If you’re seeking out particular vacation experiences, both Hungary and Belgium promise you something wonderful. It’s almost not possible to propose one over the opposite. Be an international explorer and store as much as go to each!