Are you thinking of starting your vlog? While the content and your expertise in the field are essential, the way you film your vlogs can create a significant impact on the number of clicks and views you generate.

Video quality is one of the first things that your viewers will notice, and videos that do not look professional may not get the same results.

To polish and create professional-looking videos, you don't just need the proper equipment. The video quality is more about film-making and the editing that goes in to make the vlog more presentable and user friendly.

While there are several open source video editors available to enhance the quality of the video, getting the right shots has no substitute.

So if you are looking to shoot a more high-end production and create a vlog that your viewers will love to watch, here are a few camera tricks to help you stand out from the crowd:

Start Exploring The Manual Mode

Even the most seasoned vloggers tend to use the camera settings that are set to default, for the manual mode requires the person behind the camera to know what works best. Default modes are great for getting excellent quality videos, but the settings are limited in terms of artistic freedom. So, start exploring the manual mode.

While you may get blurry shots in the beginning, once you have mastered the lighting, aperture, zoom settings, and focus, you can explore your creativity and get a lot more from your camera. As you practice more, the image quality and frame will enhance, and you can get incredible looking videos while changing settings quickly.

Frame Your Shots Well

The ideal frame is not always the right one for every setting or requirement, so it is essential to gauge which one suits best. Many beginners fail to realize that taking good videos is more about getting the right composition, which is all about arranging and allowing the visual elements to add value to the storyline.

Choosing the frame to make the scene look aesthetically pleasing is one part, but one also needs to understand what to focus on and choose the frame accordingly.

The best cinematic video tips for composition is the Rule of Thirds. This rule helps to break the frame in a way that the subject of focus is not directly in the center but has the attention of the video.

And one doesn't always need to be very picky about the horizontal and vertical lines. Once you get a grip on it, the frame aesthetic will come naturally.

Go Light On The Zoom

For many vlogs, one sees a change in scene and even movement that needs the camera to refocus and zoom in or out as required. Many times, the overuse of zoom can be a problem, as it distracts the viewer and doesn't necessarily have the necessary impact.

For best results, avoid the use of digital zoom and use optical zoom sparingly. Make sure you give enough time for the viewer to adjust when you zoom in and out and do not do it too fast unless necessary.

Use Wide-Angle (But Sparingly)

Vlogs that cover a wide range of topic often requires the camera to shoot the entire scene, which helps the viewer get the complete picture. For such videos, using the wide-angle adds volumes to the frame, but it is suggested to use it sparingly.

In most situations, especially when you want the viewer to focus on a particular aspect, the wide-angle shot may be distracting. Including too many elements in the shot is an amateur mistake, so it is suggested to use wide-angle shots only when required.

Know When To Shoot Vertical Vs. Horizontal

Another rookie mistake is not knowing whether to take a shot horizontally or vertically. This is important as depending on the device that your viewer is going to use, the shot needs to be framed accordingly.

If your vlog audience is mostly using smartphones, use more vertical shots. Meanwhile, for a longer vlog that is preferably made for being viewed on a screen, opt for horizontal shots.

This change in approach is crucial blank space gets added when the viewer is watching the video on a particular device. If your audience is mainly smartphone users and you use horizontal shots, the video will be resized, and some elements may not be viewed properly.

Work On The Lighting

Most indoor shoots are simpler, as the lighting can be manipulated and adjusted. But for outdoor shots, having an understanding of how the lighting plays a role is essential. The lighting can add cinematic effects and even bring focus to enhance the video.

So plan your shots and avoid backlighting, especially when focusing on facial expressions or portraits. The cameras can often reduce the effects of backlighting using adjustments to the lens.

Use A Tripod

While most vlogs are shot using handheld cameras, having a tripod adds massive value to creating professional-looking shots. This is because, despite the inbuilt stabilization features, there are still visible shakes that need to be remedied. Tripods do not need to be bulky, and there are ones available even for smartphones to make it portable.

Final Take

Once you've shot the video to your liking, do not forget to enhance your videos for your vlog. Focus on getting the right visuals when shooting, but know that not everything that you shoot has to be on the final version.

Edit your videos to add a proper introduction and a compelling Call To Action (CTA) at the end to give it a professional touch. You can find several online options for creating free intro video no watermark. These tools can add great value to your overall vlog as it gives it a proper branding and introduction.

And once you are done with the edits, it is time to upload and get feedback. Learn from your experiences, and do not focus too much on perfection at the start.

Remember, practice makes one perfect, and you need to start small to eventually make a huge impact!