Nowadays, most educational institutions understand the value of using digital technology in their business. Many educational institutes are already using technology on both the educational and administrative levels. Students and teachers are well aware of technology, and most of the communications are taking place online with the help of smartphones, tablets, and computers.

Schools and universities are looking forward to a fully digital experience when they join a class or start a new session. Everything from students' enrollment to class transfers, school applications, permission from parents, and application of loans needs to be digital. Leaders in the industry need to take special measures to meet these demands of the education industry.

Electronic Signatures

Modernizing all the paper-based processes with the help of Digital or Electronic signatures is a way to meet the requirements of the education industry. The use of digital signature can eliminate physical paper, reduce the application errors, and streamline all transactions will be a significant benefit to both students and employees. Therefore, any educational institution that sees itself as a progressive shoulder will not delay in implementing electronic signatures in its functions.

Streamline the student application process

Student applications are the driving force of any educational institution; and, while most (institutions) offer online application portals, the use of traditional paper and pencil signatures for acceptance is amateur. Completing the application and acceptance processes with a wet ink signature is great for staff and students and interrupts the process's flow. With electronic signature technology, students can sign documents and send them in seconds.

The electronic signature services will keep the students as well as parents informed, if the document or form is not reported. Therefore, a school official can only track documents in real-time to avoid any inconvenience. Providing speed and visibility through an electronic signature solution and streamlining processes to benefit all parties involved.

Reduce, save and organize

Handling paperwork for educational institutions can be a chaotic process, especially for colleges and universities. Schools constantly adapt to their staff and students' needs, and almost all changes come with the need for paperwork that needs to be well managed.

Since educational institutions must be accommodative and agile, they must have a good administrative framework to run smoothly. To achieve this, universities need qualified administrative staff equipped with modern technology. With the price of tuition increasing every day, public pressure on colleges and universities to control costs increases.

Many educational institutions are implementing their online systems and adopting digital documentation. In particular, by implementing e-Sign solutions - in higher education institutions, the administration can save a lot of money they spend on paper, fax, shipping, storage, filing, and secure document extraction.

Easy to capture Date and Automate workflow

Automated data capture and workflows, particularly those that can accommodate mobile devices, are necessary to make administrative processes more efficient. Any instrument that removes physical paper reduces form errors and streamlines transactions, benefiting both employees and students. Therefore, resource-expanding educational institutions are eagerly seeking digital solutions that are simple to implement, easy to adopt, and pure, which have a rapid and positive impact on highly administrative tasks.

Stay secure

With electronic signatures, confidential education-related documents can be safely sent to parents. Documents signed digitallyusing a e-signature softwareallows the user to validate the identity of the signer and the date of the signature. Also, sending a document for your signature, instead of sending or faxing it, eliminates the possibility of it being lost or tampered with.

Speed up the processes

With digital signature technology, important documents can be signed and sent online in seconds. If documents disappear without being told, the digital signature service will automatically remind parents or students that administrative staff can easily track documents from startup to storage.

Easy to approve requests

Electronic signatures are routinely used to secure digital approval of school credit applications, change of personal information forms, course completion and test approval applications, and general approval of the doctoral exam.

With initiatives to reduce and employ shared services, many offices of University Information Technology Services (UITS), a department that exists on each main campus to manage IT operations, use electronic signatures to speed up order requests, and Making the university signature. Extensive IT services.

Mobile Support

Today, it's not enough just to be online. Being fully mobile-enabled also matters. Students and parents have a very high percentage of smartphones.

Most use them as their primary communication tools. Popular electronic signature solutions like eSign Genie provide native support for Android, Windows, and iOS so that students and parents can interact with the institutions' administration as they wish and wherever they are through their mobile phones.

Reduces turnaround time for grants

Schools that need funds for their research face difficult situations these days. In addition, the cuts inrecent federal budget for schools means that there are no available grants to meet undesirable proposals.

Therefore, researchers should produce high-quality proposals that are actually worth a share of the ever-decreasing money pie. Using digital signature maker in your organization, you can more easily send money proposals to all relevant parties. This increases the likelihood of grant approvals and institutions to capture and resolve any instances of previously odd situations in the process. Therefore, to improve the delivery, accuracy, and timeliness of proposals, an esoteric solution is necessary.

Brand Image of the institution

Today's students, parents, and teachers/professors love almost everything digitally. They value educational institutions that allow them to interact digitally and are not related to those who do not. By maintaining your digital operations and using innovative and environmentally friendly technology, your institution can be seen as progressive.


Educational institutions, by adopting electronic signatures, can enhance their student services and boost their revenue. Moreover, digital signatures can help them reduce operational costs and improve operational visibility. The result of this is better management of administrative operations and student life cycle in educational institutions. Schools and higher educational institutions can save time, money, and create a better vision for future by adopting digital technologies in everyday processes.