Long-Distance relationships are more demanding because of the physical barriers. At times, you may find it hard to keep the spice; therefore celebrating anniversaries are important. It’s one day where you and your partner can indulge in some lovey-dovey moments and can spark romance. With the technological advancements, all this is possible.

We want you to spend all your energy into executing the ideas, so we have already mentioned some of the celebration ideas. Whatever resonates well with you, go with that.

Surprise Gifts: When you are far away from your partner, the only thing that keeps the love afloat is memories. So, give him or her many more memories to love you. Send your partner surprise gift/s on the anniversary. You could send the number of gifts equal to the years of togetherness. Go for personalised gifts as they serve the best keepsake and memorable gifts.

Video Message: Don’t let physical barriers be an excuse in your relationship for anything or everything. Stay connected digitally! For the anniversary, record a video message and send it to each other. In the video, say a few romantic lines. You could also record a poem from a renowned poet, etc. To make it more exciting, you can use a video maker app, where you have the feature of using stickers, filters, hashtags, backgrounds. Moreover, many gifting portals facilitate you with video message features. All you need to do is send them pictures and texts, and they will make a video for you.

Midnight Cake Delivery:
One of the classic ideas to celebrate anniversary romantically. Make a midnight delivery of a heart-shaped cake in his or her favourite flavour. Couple the cake delivery with a bouquet of fresh roses and a small gift. Many bakeries providing happy anniversary cake also give you the options of add-ons. Once, the cake has been delivered, make a video call, and celebrate together.

Netflix and Chill: Modern-day relationships require modern-day ways to keep it strong and steady. For long-distance couples like you, Netflix has added a special feature of Watch Netflix Together. By installing the extension, you and your partner’s movies will be automatically synced along with the option to chat and send emojis. Watch romantic movies and share moments even when thousands of miles apart.

Plan A Trip: Make time from your busy schedule for each other. On your anniversary plan a trip together. Either you can go where he is living, or he could come to your place. If you like, you both can travel to a faraway place. Ensure, the trip is about you both. Enjoy each other’s company and weave a thread of beautiful memories. Wherever you are vacating, cut a cake on your anniversary for sweetness. Several online bakeries offer cake delivery in Hyderabad, Delhi, Bangalore and other Indian cities. If the place is abroad, look for a suitable bakery delivering there.

So, these were some of the ideas that you can opt to surprise and make love to your partner. Even living apart, don’t let distance come in your way. Stay connected, Stay in Love!