Your male BFF is your go-to place whenever you are in any trouble or want to share something exciting or are looking for advice. He is your safe place, and you have an amazing bond with him. On your birthdays, he never left any stone unturned to make you the happiest person, and now it is your time to bring a wide smile on his face. You will surely organise a great party for him, but you need to get the best gift for him to leave him surprised to the core. Now, if you are wondering what will he like the most, then just think about his preferences or secretly try to find out what he is looking for! You can also have a look at our gift guide. We have put together some fabulous birthday gifts that will be perfect for your male bestie.

Personalised Mugs

You can get a couple of custom mugs with his photograph and your photograph imprinted on the mugs along with your beautiful birthday wishes printed as well. There are many beautiful designs available for mugs, and you can get the one that will touch his heart. Also, have a look at some TV series mug designs if your bestie watches them a lot.

Special Birthday Cake

There are two ways to get a birthday cake for your BFF. Either you can bake a delicious beauty at home, or you can order one unique birthday cake from an online bakery. Go for the midnight cake delivery slot and make him the happiest when the clock strikes 12. It will mean the world to your bestie.

Concert Tickets

You and your bestie surely love to go out in events and shows. Check out the upcoming music festivals and comedy shows or any other events in your city and book the tickets for the same. Take your bestie out for the event and enjoy his birthday with utmost joy and happiness. Make the day memorable for him.


It is the time to get all your male BFF’s good and ugly pictures out from the phone gallery. Get a scrapbook and fill it with all these photographs along with your birthday wishes and messages alongside each photo. You can use your creativity to decorate the scrapbook or can get one designed online from a professional.

Chocolate Hamper

Everyone loves chocolates, and your BFF will also enjoy your chocolicious present for sure. Make a delicious chocolate hamper by putting in some of his favourite chocolates or go for personalised chocolates with his name engraved on the chocolate blocks along with a Happy Birthday message.

So, these were the different birthday special gifts that you can present to your male BFF to make his special day extra special. You can easily purchase these gifts online from a reliable gifting portal. Rest, you know your bestie better than anyone else. So, choose the best for him and make him the happiest.