Businesses are now realizing the importance of digital signatures and using it for documentation in various processes. Companies need to sign documents for vendor contracts, mortgages, and many other things. Digital signatures are a convenient way to sign the documents in a digital format without the need for pen and paper. Also, known as e-signatures, digital signatures are becoming popular due to their convenience and numerous other benefits.

As your employees and clients become more dependent on simplifying their lives, they will demand more services and that too in a convenient way. Digital signatures are one of the ways to fulfill their needs and simplify the documentation processes. Businesses use various types of software for digital signatures. Let us explore the top benefits of using a digital signature software.

No chances of errors

The inability to confirm that the required parties sign the forms may lead to compliance issues. Many business leaders say that they cannot verify whether the documents of a contract or agreement are signed by the appropriate parties or not.

Many business owners are not sure whether they have copies of the signed documents. Many people also state that they have agreements with missing initials, dates, and signatures or signed by the wrong people

Speed and Efficiency

Using software for digital signature can speed up the processing of various products. According to the Forbes Insight Study, the full-time equivalent savings due to the adoption of digital processes lead to a 70 to 80 percent improvement in the efficiency of a business.

A digital signature software also reduces the chances of error that occur due to missing signatures or wrong signatures. It also results in a fast turnaround and the best experience for members.

Improves customer relationships

Customers who are accustomed to doing online business expect online services from other companies with whom they work. According to a study by the Pew Research Center, more than 90 percent of people in America have a cell phone, and 34 percent have a tablet PC. With so many people doing online business, it becomes essential to modernize the last step in business- the digital signature.

With a free electronic signature software, the customers of any business can sign online contracts with no need to install any tool. Companies can sign contracts and agreements online without the need for physical documents. The digital signature software adds value for the customers of any business, making it quick and easy to deal with your company.

Cost Saving

Using a digital signature software also reduces paper and printing costs, transportation cost of paper (delivery, FedEx, mail, etc.). According to the global insurer's research, digital signatures can save $10 for every new business transaction in digital form.

Get Paid Faster

Because signing documents online is fast and easy, be sure to see quick changes to the contract. Contracts with multiple signers are also easy to execute quickly.

After the first-person signs, the digital signature software automatically directs the documents to next person in the workflow. And when you have signed documents, you can pay faster than ever. In fact, various industries reported that digital signatures enhanced the speed of sales cycle by 400 percent.

Track your progress

It can be so frustrating to think whether a document has been signed or not? Or did the fax was sent or not? You can say goodbye to these problems when you start using digital signatures. A software of digital signature enables you to track your documents online. Some software is so advanced that they also send a reminder email to the users if they forget signing a document.

Improve the accuracy

Another important advantage is that this software can label document fields with mandatory labels so that these fields are not lost when signing. Therefore, it saves the sender the efforts made to resent documents.

Improved productivity: While your credit union can save you time and money for this process, by avoiding potential business problems of spending large amounts on printing, postage, and labor allocation, the use of electronic signatures can clearly With this, invest your available resources and personnel in more productive activities related to your credit union.

Enhance the security of documents

With advanced electronic signature software, you can protect your documents with a high level of security. Every signature is secured with a tamper-proof seal, which notifies you about any changes inthe document after signing.

Signed documents havehigh details of records of the document life cycle. With this evidence, you can see that each person signed the document, and also, which signers have downloaded the copies of finished document.

Track the Workflow

It is very difficult to track where your document is stuck, in the process, if you are sending it on paper. You have no idea what may hamper the flow, whether something is wrong with the member, or if the document is lost before the member receives it.

Electronic signature software solves this problem by allowing the sender, as well as authorities, to track the signature process as it progresses through various stages, ensuring transparency.

Improve member relations

Members want convenience, and they certainly don't like it when they only have to visit credit union branches to sign. They are not satisfied if the loan processing or approval is delayed. Digitization reduces all waiting times and improves experience of members with the credit union.

The members can sit at home and still complete their work. In return, you can expect member loyalty as they will stick to a business that provides comfort while ensuring safety and prompt services.


Businesses who know the benefits of digital signature software think of it as an investment. Some software development companies also offer free electronic signature software as a trial. Using software for e-signature, it enables a business to reap its benefits in multiple ways over the years.

All you need is to upgrade the software at the right time to keep enjoying its benefits and return on investment.