Since there are more and more people opening seller accounts on Amazon, more and more things are being questioned, including Amazon account suspensions. Almost every novice seller knows the myths and legends of Amazon’s merciless actions that ruin millions of selling careers. This is why everyone asks the same question, which is how to avoid Amazon account penalization. Penalizing an Amazon seller account is the same as suspending it, so here’s the question: are there any tips or tricks that help you avoid an Amazon seller account suspension? Of course there are!

A) First of all, you should follow Amazon’s policies, which are not only vital for your business on Amazon, but also for your selling career. Amazon has oceans of policies, for example selling policies and seller code of conduct, operating multiple seller accounts policies and so forth. eCommerce giant is leading this field for some reason, which is its strive to satisfy its customers. Everything Amazon does, it does for its customers, so if you break the rules, you will leave the game, with nothing at your hands…

B) Check your metrics on a daily basis! You can do this in your Account Health section, where you will be able to monitor your business operations, negative feedback, A-to-Z claims and so forth. The thing is, Amazon often gives its sellers warning shots before suspending them. For example, you can detect a small issue in your Account Health metrics, which will be easy to fix if you notice it ON TIME. Let’s say you saw a negative feedback on your account, communicated with the dissatisfied customer, and solved the issue on time; but what if negative feedback accumulates, and becomes something huge, something powerful and able to damage your selling account? Time isn’t the main thing, it’s the ONLY thing!

C) Remember the part with customers? They are Amazon’s heart, soul and fire, which is why you should be as careful as you will be with a porcelain doll! They can do anything - write negative feedback, report you, return your products and so forth. But you should still be calm and patient with them. Show them that you truly care, and do everything that is possible to fix the issues. It’s not only beneficial for suspension matters, but also for you, as a seller, because responsiveness and kindness will bring you more and more customers!

D) Always keep pace with Amazon’s policies, because this is what truly matters. Even though it’s hard to be always informed, many websites can help you with that. For example, our Amazon appeal service, Got Suspended Clients, has many articles about Amazon, its policies, possible risks and of course, account suspensions that you could use and educate yourself on. On top of that, we have an Amazon account specialist 24 hours a day to help you with your questions. If you regularly read articles that are not only informative, but also very simple to comprehend, you’ll never be left out!

See? It’s not that hard to maintain a good seller account, and therefore, avoid getting your Amazon account penalized. Just make sure you know, and keep pace with all of Amazon’s policies, and what is more important, you are patient and kind when it comes to customers. Stay safe and operate your business smoothly on Amazon!