Having trouble uploading large files and sending them through webmail? A common dilemma for students and professionals. While we make the necessary reports from scratch with PowerPoint, Excel, and Word, it is a common struggle when we encounter massive data tangled to these programs.

The best format for convenient data uploading in transmitting is the portable document format. PDFs are naturally designed to be less editable and more compact to other file formats since its sole purpose is to efficiently share data online and defeat large files' struggle. PDFBear is the best option for free PDF conversion.

Why Convert PowerPoint to PDF?

PowerPoint presentations are commonly used in different situations, such as classroom reporting, business plans, product presentations, etc. On the other hand, webmails have limited storage and also have limits in uploading and sending files. PowerPoint presentations are usually large files because of its graphics and technical design.

Converting these presentations to the portable document format is viable for transmitting online from one user to another. While PowerPoint presentations take a longer time in uploading, PDFs are smaller in size and are faster and easier to upload. To conveniently convert PPT to PDF online, follow these simple steps:
  • Browse for your PPT file and drag it to the PDFBear free converter.
  • Wait for a few moments, then your file will be uploaded. You can also make slight modifications if you have to with the available options.
  • Download your PDF file, and you’re done!
The process of converting PDF to PPT online is as simple as converting PPT to PDF. The advantage of PDFBear’s online converter is you can convert other file formats to PDF, and can also convert PDF to various other forms; it goes two-way. PDFBear's online converter does not compromise your files' quality before, during, and after the conversion. 

Why Convert Excel to PDF?

Excel spreadsheets are mostly used in almost all office types, and for various purposes; financial records, chart data, sales updates, personal references, and many more. The biggest struggle you can encounter with spreadsheets is when you have to print them. For less technical users, printing Excel files are troublesome because of its complicated output.

Converting them to PDF is still the easiest solution for more quality printing. Similar to PowerPoint, drag your Excel file to the PDF converter of PDFBear, wait for a few seconds, then download your converted file. If you only need to send a printed version of the file, converting spreadsheets to PDF is the best option. 

Why Convert Word to PDF?

Creating journals or raw documents are best done in Word, but the best file format for printing is still PDF. After you are finished with your composition, you can convert your Word file to PDF by saving it as PDF. When your Word files are converted to PDF, it cannot be edited without the appropriate tool.

If you have received a PDF that needs editing, then converting it to Word is the best option. The process is still similar to that of PowerPoint and Excel. You just have to select your file and drag it to the PDF converter, then download the converted file in just a matter of seconds. Word and PDFs are similar to each other, but they both have their important roles.

PDFBear’s services are quite useful in today’s online working environment. Given its two-way quality converting, you can use this PDF converter for more convenient document handling. In this new normal, organizing and sharing online or electronic files are at the top of the list of our needs.