It’s no secret that millions of students from various parts of the globe use essay writing services. Most of them are almost forced to do that. They have to write a great variety of academic papers on all subjects, which have various purposes. Most students simply don’t have enough time, skills, or knowledge to write all papers equally well. Thus, a professional essay writing service like CustomWritings becomes an attractive alternative. However, the legitimate status of these services is always hotly disputed.

Students and professors commonly have quite different opinions about this issue. Most students claim that essay writing services are legal. Professors assume that it’s absolutely illegal. So, what is the truth? We’ll try to dig deeper into this vital matter.

We can understand educators. They don’t want to see their students lying. When they submit papers written by someone else, they lie and violate the rules. Besides, some students regularly use writing services. Accordingly, they become lazy, don’t take their duties seriously, and don’t develop their skills.

On the other hand, the activity of custom platforms is legal. They are officially registered and can write for students. Their help simply contradicts the rules of academics and if students are caught, they will be deprived of grades or something like that. Some educators confess that their educational system demands too much from students. Therefore, it’s no wonder so many youngsters use professional help.

You don’t violate the law if you use a writing service. However, be cautious not to be caught. Besides, we don’t recommend using them regularly. Otherwise, you won’t develop your skills and won’t become a great specialist in your profession.

What Do Writing Services Do?

The resourcefulness of reliable custom writing services is huge. They have hundreds of qualified experts who fulfill merely any demand. For example, you cannot define a good topic. If you lack writing ideas, you can read useful articles and guides. Find a relevant website that highlights topics on technology, education, business, lifestyle, health, travel, sports, and so on. Thus, you’ll always have brilliant ideas to disclose. In case this method doesn’t work, consider professional writing help. Professionals will generate as many topics as necessary regardless of discipline.

Of course, it’s only one example. Qualified experts can do much more. Consider the possible opportunities:
  • Writing;
  • Editing;
  • Citing;
  • Proofreading;
  • Referencing;
  • Rewriting, etc.

They create unique topics and thesis statements, find relevant facts, improve readability, and something of the kind. You are free to order all types of academic assignments. Skilled experts write all essay types, as well as capstone projects, dissertations, case studies, lab reports, and a lot more.

They can enhance the readability of your texts, find relevant information, etc. Besides, they write in all academic disciplines.
  • Literature;
  • Math;
  • Physics;
  • Business;
  • Economics;
  • Finance;
  • Math;
  • Computer science;
  • Arts, and others.

These platforms write unique papers. They are verified by a dependable plagiarism checker. It spots plagiarized elements, which are instantly eliminated from the text. Thus, you get only authentic papers, which are free of plagiarism. The quality matches the highest educational standards.

You can also count on 24/7 support. Competent technicians provide quick and detailed answers to all your questions. Besides, you may place orders whenever is suitable for you. Highly reputed platforms ensure the full safety of their clients. Nobody will ever learn a single detail about you or your orders.

How to Choose the Right Platform?

It may become hard to choose a reliable writing platform. Fortunately, certain signs can show that a certain platform is credible.

  • First of all, check all the criteria mentioned in the previous section. You have the right to enjoy them all. To check the criteria, get in touch with the platform, and ask questions. Obligatorily demand some proof.
  • Secondly, find some evidence. Use the Internet to reach that aim. Consider rating websites, which offer an objective evaluation of all officially registered writing agencies. You can go to Trustpilot or similar websites. Mind that you can also read customers’ reviews to learn the opinion of people who really ordered at writing agencies.
  • Thirdly, get essay samples. Highly reputed agencies have nothing to hide. Accordingly, they eagerly offer unlimited access to their samples. Reading them, you will surely understand whether they can match your standards and needs. Mind that these samples should be offered for free.
  • Fourthly, consider pricing. You should check various services to determine the average price. Commonly, it’s pretty cheap. Besides, a credible service offers full customization of the orders. Thus, only you decide how much to pay. Make sure it offers discounts and ensures a refund.
  • Fifthly, check customer support. You’re supposed to have access at any time. Consultants should answer in a couple of minutes or faster. Highly reputed platforms are always fast.
  • Finally, check security issues. No service has the right to demand your real address, phone number, or ID. It may mean that somebody wants to rob you. Your service must never disclose anything about you to other people, companies, or third-parties. Don’t forget to check its safeguard.

The issue of legal writing companies is quite clear. It’s legal but contradicts the rules of educational institutions. Therefore, try not to be caught when you use professional help. We also don’t recommend overusing this help. Otherwise, your learning skills will degrade. Use it when no other method can solve your academic problems. Mostly, do your academic tasks yourself.