Bitcoin has gained a lot of popularity after it was released back in 2009 due to the various reasons, i.e., quick and cheap online payments without the involvement of banking systems. It is an update for the traditional method of transferring money online from one to pother corner 0of te world. Later on, when people start to realize the volatility functionality of the Bitcoin, then they started thinking of it as a platform for trading and investment and rest is the history. Today it is considered as one of the best types of trading options available all over the world with an additional benefit of money transfer source.

People have started to trade in the Bitcoin and create some long term investments in the Bitcoin. When this method started to gain popularity among the people and the softwares started to get sufficient bitcoin reserve. Now they have thought of lending these reserve Bitcoins and earn some interest from these reserves like banking systems do. This system started a long time ago, but still, people are not aware of it, and whenever lending is discussed, the first question people asks surprisingly is- Lending is possible in bitcoins.

So we have prepared a list of top bitcoin lending sites, which you must check out if you are thinking of taking some loan from bitcoin:-
Celsius Network 

Celsius Network is founded 2018 mainly as a Bitcoin loan platform only. Those who are holding cryptos can avail many services that are provided by this block-chain platform. The process of applying for the loan is seamless through this platform. First of all, you have to download their mobile app and fill out your details. Next is to specify the amount of loan you want from the loan provider. After that, you need to choose the repayment method. After this, the platform will offer you the period of loan and rate of interests. If you agree with all the terms and conditions, then you can connect your bank account and get your money directly.

There are a whole list of pros and a little cons for this loan providing agent. They are as follo0ws:-

  • There is no deposit fees or any minimum deposit for availing the loan.
  • You can choose to pay the interest in your native currency or as the celsius token.
  • You can convert your CEL pay tokens anytime to bitcoins.
  • BitGo backs up this wallet to a limit of $100 million.
  • It is only a mobile app. You can not access your loan account through the desktop.
  • If you are paying interest in your native currency, then the interest will be higher.
  • If you are looking for an option where you can get your loan disbursed easily and within less time, you should approach Celsius Network as it is the top bitcoin lending sites.


BtcPop is one of the most reputed platforms providing Bitcoin loan. On BtcPop, the loan is provided based on online reputation, not on the credit score of the person. If your credit score is low, but the repayment history on this platform is right, then there are fair chances that you will get a loan.

The process for applying for the loan starts with the making of an account and get it verified. It is the most important and time-consuming process. After the registration is completed, the platform will check your online reputation. It is advised that for the first time, you must take a small loan to build the trust of the investors. After that, you can automatically apply for a large amount of loan.

  • Your credit score will not affect your loan amount.
  • You can also operate some of your crypto services like an exchange on this platform effectively.
  • The deposit process is very fast as compared to other platforms.
  • The registeration and verification process can be time taking.


Founded by Nexo capitals in 2017, this platform works as a multi-functional lending website. There are various types of loans you can avail through them, i.e. personalized, LTV and centralized loans. It supports more than 40 currencies all over the world.

The process of loan taking is straightforward. The first step is that you have to set up a wallet and fill out all the necessary details. Now you have to add up some funds to the wallet for the loan process. after adding the funds, you will be verified and apply for the loan. Once the loan is approved, you can withdraw them as your currency flatly.

  • They support the option of taking centralized loans.
  • Falt currency offered by this platform is the most significant plus point
  • If you =have deposited your crypto as collateral, then you need not worry, as they provide insurance of around 100 million dollars.
  • The rates of interest are higher on this platform compared to others.


This platform was founded in 2016 by the Secured Automated Lending Technology. This platform is used for borrowing and lending through their SALT tokens.

To apply for a loan, you have to open a SALT account. After opening the account, you have to add some bitcoin funds to your wallet. Based on your deposit, the terms of your lending is decided. After you read all the terms and condition and apply for the loan, this [platform will verify all your details and provide you with a loan. You can choose the repayment period according to your requirement.

  • No conversion is required for loan processing.
  • The platform is easy to use and user friendly.
  • You can use a combination of cryptos to avail one loan.


The loan interest rates can be higher than the bank loans.


These are the top bitcoin lending sites which you can approach if you require money and don’t want to withdraw your investments in bitcoins. The platforms mentioned are highly protected, and you need not fear anything regarding money loss. The benefit of bitcoin loan is that it is swift and will provide you funds whenever you are in need with no credit checks that you have to submit to your bank.