Marijuana is the shredded part of a hemp plant called Cannabis sativa. It has a psychoactive ingredient, THC that binds with the receptors present in the human brain. The brains send action to the body for functioning, but these receptors slow down the activity of the functioning of the brain. Due to this, the body reception slows down, which is healful in treating many issues in the human body.

Marijuana is famous for treating medical ailments, but along with that, it is also seen as the most significant substance for drug abuse. These controversies of Marijuana has been faced by the government and ordinary people from a long time. Due to substance abuse, the government can not legalize Marijuana, but they also can not ignore the results shown by Marijuana in the various medical field. Marijuana has shown positive effects in the most chronic diseases like cancer and aids, in which other medicines failed to help. Researchers are still finding for a better alternative then Marijuana but are unable to find one. Due to this government has concluded and has accepted Marijuana for use in the form of medicines that too, with high precautions and tight rules and regulation. Now pharmacies can sell marijuana products. Some specific pharmacies are set up by the government for selling Marijuana like Philadelphia Marijuana Dispensary.

History of Marijuana

It is a botanical product that is extracted for the hemp plant. Its origin traces were from Romania around 5000 years ago. Its active ingredient THC was extracted and used for treatment in the 400 AD for the first time. From that time till the 20th century it has been used widely for treating many medical issues and for substantial abuse too. With the evolution in the medicinal field, the use of Marijuana was increased in the 18th and 19th century, but in 1937, the government banned the use of Marijuana. The reason behind it is growing abuse for this medicinal product.

As time passes by illegal selling of Marijuana has started due to the ban, but the patient is not able to get their treatment. Researchers tried to find an alternative for Marijuana for a long time but failed every time. The treatment and effect of Marijuana are irreplaceable. Seeing the situation government has lited the ban on Marijuana, but only a few medicinal forms of Marijuana are available in the market. The rules and regulations for selling and buying Marijuana and cannabinoid medicines were increased by the government to control its substantial abuse. For achieving this government has licenced some pharmacies to sell medicinal Marijuana to the prescribed patients only.

How does Marijuana help?

The active ingredient in Marijuana is a psychoreceptor. When we administer marijuana medicine in our body, it will get mixed with the blood. Now through this blood, it will reach the receptors in the brain and gets attached to them. This linking of the THC with the brain receptors will slow down the signalling process of the body. It slowdowns the body and the brain. All the activity like, movement, reception, pain, appetite, sleep cycles get slow down. This slowing down of the body processes help in the following:-

  • It reduces the anxiety and stress of the person. The part of the brain that sends the anxiety and stressing signals get blocked by the THC. It will help to give relief to the patients who get stressed out quickly and gets panic attacks due to stress. A low amount of Marijuana shows instant relief in anxiety and stress.
  • It will reduce chronic pain sensations in the body. Whenever there is a problem with any part of the body, the brain starts sending the signal due to which that place begins to pain. Now this pain is the indicator that there is some issue with this body part. This medicine blocks the signals, and you get instant relief from the pain.
  • It controls the vomiting feeling that we often get during the other treatments. It is due to the reason that when whenever we are treated with some heavy medication, it makes some changes in the body which the body cant handle. Now Marijuana reduces these feeling of nausea and vomiting which will help you to complete your treatment efficiently.
  • It has also shown promising results in relieving the pain in the sclerosis situation. Whenever Marijuana is applied to the affected portion, it leads to unstiffing the muscle and relieving from the pain.
  • In the treatment of cancer and AIDS, people face two issues that are unbearable pain and reduced appetite. The Marijuana helps in decreasing the pain and also increase the appetite, which gives them the willpower to undergo the treatment quickly.

Ways To Use Medicinal Marijuana

If you are facing some severe issue and require Marijuana for its treatment, then you can quickly get a prescription from the doctor and get the Marijuana from Philadelphia Marijuana Dispensary. Now the medicinal Marijuana you have got can be used in different ways. They are:-

The most common way of taking Marijuana is smoking it. One can easily roll the dried leaves of Marijuana and roll it for smoking.
Vapourizers are available in the market which will form vapours of the active ingredients, and you can inhale it.
A new trend of blending Marijuana with eatable or liquid product has prevailed in the past few years. It may take a little longer for Marijuana to show its effects.
Application of Marijuana like lotion or with the help of sprays on the paining surfaces.
Directly placing liquid drops under your tongue. It will be absorbed into the bloodstream and shows its effects.


Marijuana has been legalized by the government and are readily available at the Philadelphia Marijuana Dispensary and other pharmacies also for only and only medicinal and recreational purposes. So, it would be better that you use the Marijuana for the right purpose and consume it in the right way; otherwise, you will be harmed both physically and legally.