Marijuana is a medicinal and recreational drug that is extracted from a plant. It is made up from the dried and shattered leaves, stems and roots of the plant, which are green, brown and grey in colour.
Medical and Recreational Marijuana Near You is a place where marijuana being a by-product medicinal drugs that are the outcome of the Cannabis sativa plant are commonly found, used as psychoactive, mind alerting medicine and for recreational uses as per the laws of the state.

What work does marijuana do?

Delta-9- tetrahydrocannabinol [THC] is the psychoactive ingredient that is the main active chemical in marijuana. When a person inhales marijuana smoke, THC passes from the lungs to the bloodstream, by the help of blood, the chemical is transferred to the brain and all other vital organs of the body. By reaching into the brain, various chains of cellular reactions start in it that results in euphoria [ or in simple words makes the inhaler High]. By this, the user experiences a feeling of relaxation. If a high dose is used, some people may suffer paranoid or have a panic attack.

The working of marijuana in our body is correlated with the amount of THC involved in the joint that is being smoked. However, different places where its produced can have separate THC count in it, since the 1970s the amount of THC in marijuana is increasing day by day and is now up to 10%.

Marijuana includes many more chemicals in it other than THC, and that may adversely affect the body if one uses it in an irregular manner.

Ways to use marijuana

Medical and Recreational Marijuana Near You can help you in finding marijuana, which can be used by the user in many possible ways. Some of the common forms of taking marijuana can be:-
  • Marijuana can be smoked just like a cigarette, which is also called as a joint or a nail. By which if the person inhales the smoke, it will get into the lungs and then by mixing it in the blood go to the brain and other parts of the body.
  • Cigars are another option of sm0king marijuana. One can empty the tobacco from it and fill it up with marijuana and smoke it.
  • Marijuana is also consumed in a liquid state through vaporization. Vaporization is a blessing for those who don’t like to smoke and are still advised to take it for medicinal purposes.

Medicinal uses of marijuana

Marijuana being an extract of Cannabis plant offers multiple medicinal values. Its medicinal values are ignored just because of its abuse use in The United States. Some of its Medicinal uses are:-
  • Smoking cannabis/marijuana doesn’t harms your lungs unlike the cigarettes do; rather than this cannabis helps in increasing the capacity of lungs.
  • Overweighing problem is the question who’s answer is everyone looking for. Well, cannabis/ marijuana can help you out in dealing with the overweight problem and helps in reducing weights.
  • Researches have found that the use of cannabis leads to control over diabetes when used with insulin.
  • One of the biggest fights of person goes with cancer. And the most significant benefit that marijuana provides is relaxing and provide pain relief to a patient going under chemotherapy.
  • Many youngsters are getting into depression day by day. However, marijuana helps in providing relaxation to the user and prevents depression.
  • Marijuana also helps in fastening the process of rejoining the broken bones.

Interaction of marijuana with other drugs

Alcohol consumption with marijuana can increase the THC level into the blood. Combining of marijuana with other drugs that may cause drowsiness can lead to much more drowsiness to the user. Marijuana can lead to an increase in heart rate when interacts with other drugs. Hence, one should avoid the use of marijuana if under any other heart medication. Avoid driving if you are high with marijuana, alcohol or any other drug. It can cost you your life as well as the life of others on the road.

One should keep a big precaution while using marijuana with any other drug as it can cause a serious problem that is not even documented on the records. Purchasing marijuana from peddlers on the road can be dangerous and addictive; it may also end up in the death of the consumer.

Effects of marijuana over lungs and heart

It is seen in the studies, that marijuana smoke contains cancer-causing particles {hydrocarbons} and which can be harmful to the lungs. A person using marijuana can hold more breathe than the one who smokes tobacco and are open to more threat to the walls of the lungs. By smoking marijuana, the bronchial passage relaxes and becomes enlarged, which allows more time to the some to react with lungs. Marijuana smokers can have the same respiratory problems as a cigarette smoker can have.

After a person smokes marijuana, the heart rate of the person increases and stays up till next 3 hours. The effect on hearts can be worse if marijuana interacts with any other drug. The studies have also shown that the risk of a heart attack can increase until the next 1 hour. The risk of heart attack will be greater to all those who are already suffering from high blood pressure and end up leading in a cardiac arrest.

Motherhood and marijuana

Many of the young mothers believe that it is safe to consume marijuana when they are in pregnancy, assuming that it will not harm the child. But this practice is not suitable for the fetus and for child health. A bog NO is a recommendation that one can get from a doctor.

Mother today are impatient and feel free to use drugs for relaxation: however, going through a pregnancy requires a lot of practical changes in a female lifestyle. The first thing that the female needs to understand is any of the drugs, whether it is marijuana or other can harm your baby inside you. Your babies health can totally depend over you consuming any of the addictive drug or product.

Keeping all these points in mind, one can see that it is beneficial to use marijuana in limits, and buy it from Medical and Recreational Marijuana Near You, as per doctor’s consultation.