If you don’t know what a pdf format is then, you might be living under a rock! The PDF format is said to be one of the most accepted work formats in the 21st century. Pdf has been around for many years and has become a symbol of sharing certain content through digital modes. You can not only share but also save your valuable and secretive content in pdf formats. Pdf formats are widely used all across the globe in every department of life may it be personal or professional.

Pdf format is considered as a universal format that can be used on any device and every device without worrying about change in quality or quantity. The ingenious features and factors of the pdf format also make this file type as the most convenient mode of transmission as we have mentioned before. One can use this format on mobiles as well as on computers in the same way. Now one of the problems that are faced by users today is the file size of pdf. In this article, we would try to introduce the easiest ways in which one can reduce the size of pdf files.

How to reduce pdf file size?

Well, the reduction of pdf files is considered to be a significant problem, but you can find its solution in the same place where everyone goes to pray today, The Internet! There are many pdf compressors programs available on the web that can help you reduce pdf files quickly and by keeping intact the quality so that you can share them immediately to the required source. Large pdf files can consume a lot of your storage plus can affect time factor as well. A pdf compression tool can help you reduce the size of the file in a very optimal way. Below we have gathered before you the best pdf compression tools.
Best pdf compressor tools found in 2020

Here are some of the pdf file reducer tools which would help you in simplifying your files.

Pdf compressor by Duplichecker

People are more interested in online tools, no need to download or installed on devices. The pdf compressor by Duplichecker is the best online tool to reduce pdf size online in quality and quick conversions of pdf files. The working procedure of this compress pdf tool is simple and you don’t need to get into needless skills to use it. Simply upload files from your local or cloud storage and can easily compress pdf files to a smaller size without compromising the original quality.
Adobe PDF Compressor

This online pdf compressor is best for reading, compression and also the conversion of pdf files to different formats. This is a trendy and manageable tool indeed, and this is only because of the dashing features that it has. If you want to manipulate your pdf files in any way you want, then this is the perfect program for you. This program reduces your file size in seconds without compromising its quality. The working of this compression program is also effortless, and you don’t have to go through any experience or learning process for the free use of this tool.


The PDF2GO is yet another program that can be used by anyone. It has a very jarring use-interface that can help you in understanding all the features at once when you open the program on your device. It would immediately tell you everything you can do with your pdf file with this tool. This pdf compressor tool can tolerate shoddy designs. You can not only use this program for mere compression of files, but one should know that it can be used for editing, conversion, merging, splitting, protecting and also unlocking pdf files. This is very easy to operate the program.

Free PDF convert

This online pdf converter or compressor program has been there in the digital market for the last many years and is known to be one of the eldest tools in this regard. This program has a very prominent pdf compression feature which helps it in super-fast yielding of reduced sized files. It is a free pdf compressor tool, but one should know that sometimes the quality of the conversion is compromised significantly if you are inputting the files that are having media content in them. 

Pdf compressor

This is yet another online utility which is considered to be best for compression of a complete batch of files. This program is a straightforward one, and you don’t need to have any prior knowledge to operate this tool. You can upload as many folders as you want in this tool and hit the compress button. The tool would compress the file and save it in your system in the desired storage space. You can add zip folders in this program, or you can upload 20 individual files in one go.