Every person needs to edit his or her document at some point time because people get various projects, which they have to do it on a pdf file. So whether you want to edit, sign, or fill a form on a pdf file, you can also add some image or create a link by using the pdf annotation. Moreover, you can use pdf documents to add more information and can use it to deliver productive details to the audience.

Furthermore, pdf is used for many purposes like official documents, projects, ebooks, descriptions, online instruction manuals, and many more. The portable document format is used when a file cannot modify, but it still needs to be printed or shared. A pdf file can do a wonderful thing for a person, as these will help you create a valuable document and save it on cloud software to access the file any time you want.

Moreover, it only requires a small space to store in any device, and you can take it anywhere with you. However, it might be tricky for you to edit pdf files online and how to use annotation. Whenever you do pdf editing online, you need to keep some information in your mind because many online sites are providing these services online; all you have to do is visit the website and select a particular file and start your editing.

With a huge number of online pdf editors site, you need to find a reliable site that offers excellent editing features along with full protection to your documents. So let us discuss the ways to edit your pdf document online for free.

Upload You Document

On every pdf editor site, documents are safely uploaded with a highly encrypted connection. Moreover, these files are upload to the cloud system where these are safe from viruses or malware. However, when you have completed your editing process and download it, then the file on the cloud will be automatically deleted to ensure no one will put their hands on.

Thus, the safety of your documents is the first priority of the online pdf editor's team. However, you must be thinking of using an offline mode of editing, but you should know that the offline pdf editor will lack accuracy. It will not tell you about the grammatical error, whereas online pdf editor will provide you better suggestions alongside correct your grammatical errors.

All you have to do is click on the upload button and select the individual file. After that, the page will automatically start the window of pdf editing online. Moreover, you can add or upload your file from google drive or dropbox.

Add Content To Your Pdf

Once you have uploaded your pdf file online, you only have to click anywhere on the text and start to add your content. Moreover, you can change the content font, size, shape, and style according to your preference.

However, you have selected the text tool from the toolbar window; it will allow you to edit or enter new content according to your wants. You can change the texture of text and make it italic or bold or change in color, font family, and change in font size. Besides adding text during pdf editing online, you can also add a picture to your pdf file.

All you have to do is click on the image button appearing on the toolbar and select the new image option. A window will open in front of your display and choose the preferred image you like to add in your pdf file and click on the add button. Once the image is added to your pdf page, drag it to move and fix it on the desired place. Moreover, you can change the size of the image and even rotate in the pdf editor.

Fill Forms In Pdf

One of the fantastic benefits of using a pdf file is that it allows the users to fill a particular form without disturbing the foam's text and bringing out a printout. All you have to do is click on the form button and select the desired text. It will enable you to fill your forms in a better and formal method. Make sure you choose the text tool to able to type your text. Some pdf editor site enlists various forms of legal forms or resume. 

Edit Existing Hyperlink Or Add A New Link To Pdf

When you use a pdf editor, it will enable you to edit the existing hyperlink to add another link to make it correct. Moreover, you can also add a new link in your pdf fill; in order to do so, you have to click on the link button and select the text you want to insert your link and once you chose the text, a small window will opening showing link properties, and there you can add you the useful link. It will help people to directly visit your site by clicking on the text where the link is inserted.

Annotation Of PDF Files

You can also use the annotation features to add or highlight your text easily. All you have to do is click on the annotation button, and you are ready to edit the text and style according to your taste. Moreover, you can apply different styles and colors to your text with this great pdf editing online feature.

Other Editing Features

You can cover your pdf page with a whiteout PDF feature that will cover the content on the front page of your pdf file. Apart from this, you can also add some shapes to your pdf content to make it look good and change border colors and fill out the background color if you like. Thus, you can find a particular text and replace it with whatever text you want to change. Moreover, pdf editor will enable you to add form fields to your pdf file.

The information is regarding the different ways of editing your pdf file to maintain the content's quality in the pdf by making essential changes.