Everyone is in search of finding out some ways which can help them to earn money. No one today is happy with what they already have. They keep on trying to earn more and more due to which the online poker is ion the trend these days. People find it an easy way to earn money and cut their expense off as they don’t need any special talent for playing poker online.

Online poker is the world of casinos that are operating on the land. The only difference is that now the casinos are shifted online. You don’t need to move to the real casino. All you need to do is sit down with a smart phone and strong internet connection in your hand and log into the website of the casino. From the comfort of your home, you can play a variety of games. Isn’t this amazing? Yes, it is fantastic, but sometimes the players get easily confused that in which game they should try their luck. To those entire players, one of the best games in the online casinos is ceme online.

You can easily find this game in the casino you are paying in and must have heard about the game. If you have not, then you must stay connected with us. Maybe the ceme poker is the key to your treasury box having all the luck and happiness.

What is ceme online?

The ceme online is also a card game that almost every casino in the world offers to you. The difference is that it is a card game that is played only with the help of 28 cards. Yes, the whole deck of card is not used in the playing of this game. Every card that you will select for playing the game has a set price which is the determinant of the winner. There is two domino card also which casino includes in the deck of 28 cards.

When the players sit on the table, then two cards are dealt among every player of the game. Based on the total of those cards in hand, the winner will be decided. The player in the game will bet on the card they have. The person who wins the bet will take all the money n the table.

Strength of the table

Every table in the casino offering ceme online is having a different capacity of the table. The maximum numbers of player that a table can house is eight. No extra players will be given a space on the table, and on the lower end, you will require two players. So if you are the only player sitting on the table you have to wait for the other player for playing. 2 sides are working on the table, the one is the banker side, and the other side is the player side.

You have to decide that on which side you want to play the game from, i.e. from the banker side or the player side. After the selection of the sides, the bets are placed by the players. They can either choose to check their card as well as play blind. When the time of the table runs off, the cards disclose, and the winner is decided.

Card’s strength

The total of the card is done when the time runs out. The valuation of the card is done on a scale of 0 to 9. If the total of the cards is greater the nine, then the number at the end will be considered. For example, if the total is 13, the number casino will consider 3. The 0 is the lowest number, and the nine is the highest.

Some ceme online rules you must know

The winning of the the ceme online poker game depends on many aspects. So let us discuss what those different aspects are;-

  • There are two sides in the game that is the banker and the player. The one whose total is greater in the game will win the game. That means if two players are playing and the score of one player is six and the other eight, then the one having the higher will win the game.
  • In case the cards total of both the player is a tie, then the benefit of the situation is given to the side of the banker. The banker will take all the money in the table. So, if you are on the player side and match draws, get ready to face some hard luck.
  • If the total of the hand in the player side is equal to 9, then there is no case that banker will win. The player will directly take the double of the amount that is present on the table. The amount is to be paid by the banker. So, if you are on the side of the banker, then you must pray of only one thing that the other never scores a nine; otherwise, the match will become a nightmare for you.
  • If the banker scores a nine, then all the player will lose, but the banker will only get the amount that is on the table. There is no special benefit for the banker.

Tips for ceme poker

There are no special tips which you need to follow while playing ceme online but the common ones are as follows:-

  • You must follow all the rules and regulation regarding the game laid by your casino. There is a little variation in the game every casino shows. So, always be prepared.
  • Always make a strategy of playing the game and remain stick to that. There are times when the player starts to win and stick out of their strategy. This way, they can also lose the amount they have won.

Always play with the mind of your opponent if you want to win the game of ceme online. 


So, this is an overview of the ceme online game, which is a must-play game for everyone out there. There are other games also, but the benefit of playing this one is that it is easy to only, and you will not find any difficulty learning to play this game. Also, the winning chances for this game are higher. So go online and try your luck.