Xanax is the brand name for the medicine alprazolam that is recommended for treating panic and anxiety disorder. The medicine belongs to the benzodiazepines medication family. These medicines work directly on the nervous system and help the cells to create relaxing effects that can prevent the patient from panic and anxiety disorder by giving soothing and calming effects.


Suppose you are suffering from anxiety disorder where you cannot cope with your anxiety attacks. In that case, it becomes important for you to get yourself checked by a doctor where they can suggest you some of the best medicines to treat your problem of anxiety. Most commonly, for a person who does not have much of this problem, doctors recommend the medicine xanax 1mg – 30 tabs that are suggested to take as per the guidance.


Uses of the medicines


The medicine xanax 1mg – 30 tabs has multiple uses and is an important medicine that is necessary to deal with the problem of anxiety and panic in people. However, here some of the uses of this medicine:-


Panic disorder


The medicine is highly recommended to treat a patient suffering from a panic disorder that means the person who does not have control over its brain and gets panic or even panic attacks very easily. 


Panic attacks are referred to the behavior when the patient starts feeling intense fear from everyone around them; in this case, the patient starts screaming and sweating on a really high scale. The symptoms of judging that a person is undergoing a panic attack are:-

  • Palpitations and sweating
  • Shortness in breathing
  • Numbness or getting a feeling that something worse is going to happen


A panic attack can last upto 30 minutes, and it is necessary that the patient gets the necessary medication. Moreover, the patient will start showing the symptoms just in minutes of the attack.


If you someone is suffering from all of this, it becomes necessary that they take xanax 1mg – 30 tabs after consulting a doctor to get rid of these issues.


Such patients who are suffering from panic disorder can take time to get the issue resolved; it may take upto eight months of regular medication. But after all this, you will all be able to see the benefits of the medicine.


Anxiety disorder


The medicinal values of the alprazolam drug that is sold under the brand name of xanax are really interesting and will also help the patient to recover from the problem of anxiety disorder. 


Under anxiety disorder, the person who may be suffering from it can suffer from depression-like symptoms and may also cause anxiety attacks.


Anxiety attack is a situation where the person strongly believes that something negative or bad is happening or is going to attack them in the coming future. The person can go into the state of immense fear and may show the following symptoms:-

  • A lot of tension that causes worry on the face
  • A feeling of restlessness
  • Physical issues that may include frequent changes in the heart rate


The person suffering from an anxiety attack will behave in odd manner and will try to stay alone; it is of utmost importance that the proper medication is provided to the person. If the person is already under medication, then skipping one from the schedule of xanax 1mg – 30 tabs can cause a lot of problems.


Overdose and missed dose?


Consuming medicine that are important to keep yourself safe from the basic problems is something that everyone should never skip or should also not take in access. Irregular consumption of medicines can put your life into immense danger and may result in the death case.




Xanax is a crucial medicine, and it becomes the patient's responsibility that they are regular while taking their medicine and do not consume it in access.


If the person takes medicine in overdose, it may result in the following conditions depending upon the quantity they have consumed:-

  • Coma or death: excessive consumption of medicine and that too, which is high in dosage, can send a person into a coma or even may result in the person's death.
  • Fainting and hypotension: the person may go through low blood pressure, and this may also result in fainting.
  • Hypoventilation: it is a situation where the patient may feel a problem in breathing and can get into trouble if alone at the place.
  • Others:-
  • Other symptoms can be dizziness, impaired balance, and muscle weakness.


If you feel someone near you has taken an overdose of the medicine, then do not waste time and call your area's emergency service with the immediate effect, or you can also call the poison control department of your area.


Missed dose


When a patient is under a regular dose of medicine, it becomes extremely important that you take your medicine regularly without missing even a single dose. If the person misses a dose from the regular intake schedule of xanax 1mg – 30 tabs, there might be a possibility that the person will suffer from a panic or anxiety attack. In this case, it can get worse to handle the person and can result adversely. The person can go into a state of depression and may also feel like hurting themselves.


In case you consume this medicine on a regular basis and feel like you are skipping a dose, then you can take the dose when it comes to their mind. 




 It is clear by now that how important taking medicine for anxiety and panic disorder is for the patient who is suffering from it.


When you are getting yourself checked for this particular issue, it becomes immensely important that you tell each and every issue that you face to your doctor. This is a non-skipable important step to do as all the medicine, no matter of which disease, can react and infect with others in your body.


The person consuming this medicine can suffer from various issues that do not require much consideration like, headache, dizziness, and fatigue.