I never wanted to be in fashion designing actually. But I saw my elder cousin sister opt for it. And get a job. So I did that too. The college was fun. But hell started with my first job. I was just not happy to get up in the morning and go to work. 

Surprisingly, it was my cousin again who changed it all! When we met at a wedding, she casually mentioned online career guidance tests and today I am a finance professional with one of the top international banks in India. Oh! And I earn more than what I did as a fashion designer”  

Suhana Singh, a 26 year old banker, smiles as she recounts her career experience on a video call. She is speaking at her college’s career guidance day. 

Suhana is not alone. There are so many like her, who have found a match between their passion and profession – All thanks to the current trend of online education, which had made education a lot more simple and accessible for all! 

Speaking at her college….this is what Suhana has so to share ….. 


Nothing is a mistake. Just an additional step towards success  

This is a mantra that Suhana swears by. A lot of students today come to her and tell her how they are confused, not sure of what they want to do and feel guilty about it. 

Suhana’s advice to them is – Nothing is a mistake. You can always apply what you have done previously in whatever field you choose next. It is the passion and willingness to work that counts. 

There are a lot of free online test career guidance tests today that help one choose his or her own calling. They are called as psychometric tests. 

It’s a good option for someone to take these tests and gain a basic understanding of which areas can they choose as their profession. 


Online options can be of help. If used wisely. So go ahead and use them!

That’s what Suhana did too. She took a few of these online psychometric tests to see where her calling lay. It was through them that she realized that banking as a profession seemed suitable for her. 

She then took up a few free online courses which strengthened her banking knowledge.  There are many such free online courses with certification which are available for the youth today. 

Along with that she also practiced by giving banking exams online. 

There are a lot of these kind of free online test series available today. In different streams. Suhana ends by saying, “Go online. Check different courses. Opt for free tests. Free courses with certifications.  There is nothing to lose really. And a lot to gain.”