Humanities is a broader stream as compared to Science and Commerce. You get to choose from many subjects in Class 11th and 12th and decide to go for a career option you like. The Humanities subjects in 12th CBSE will be discussed in the article.


Humanities Stream Syllabus

The stream provides the following 12th Humanities subjects for CBSE students. They are as follows:



The subject of history has been further divided into three parts in class 12th. In total, 15 units focus on Indian ancient, medieval, and modern history.

  • Themes in Indian History part I (Units 1-4) - The ancient Indian History about the Harappa civilization, economic and social history is covered in part 1.
  • Themes in Indian History Part II (Units 5-9) - The history of medieval ages, Religious history, architectural forms, etc. are covered under these four units.
  • Themes in Indian History Part III (Unit 10-15) - The third part makes students learn about modern history with partitions, Mahatma Gandhi, and his history with Indian Independence, forming the Constitution of India and Colonialism.

There would be map work of 6 marks and project work of 20 marks making the subject a total of 100 marks.



Economics is further divided into three parts- A, B & C.

  • Part A- The Introduction to Macroeconomics and its related topics is discussed in 5 units.
  • Part B- The Economic Development of India regarding current challenges, Developmental and Economic reforms, and economic comparison with neighbors is discussed in part B.
  • Part C- The project work consists of 20 marks. Part A and B comprise a total of 80 marks.



The three-part course in the 12th Humanities subject of Geography has two theoretical ones and one practical one.

  • Part A- The 5 unit syllabus focuses on the Fundamentals of Human Geography.
  • Part B- The 5 unit part teaches the People and Economy aspect with regards to Geography. It also includes map work.
  • Part C- The practical work will test the skills of the students consisting of 25 marks. Five marks are for practical and viva.



The continuous changes going on in society is discussed in this subject. It comprises of two Units:

  • Part A- The seven chapters in Part A mainly focus on Indian Society, its culture, demographics, challenges, and more. It also included project work.
  • Part B- The 8 chapter Unit emphasizes on Changes and Development in India Society.


Political Science

The subject is divided into two parts:

  • Part A- Contemporary World Politics having nine chapters focusing on the World war era, Globalization, International Organisations, and more.
  • Part B- It also has 9 chapters talking about Politics in India post-independence.
  • Project work of 20 marks is there for the Sociology subject.



Humanities subjects in 12th CBSE English comprises three sections that teach students about grammar, writing skills, literature, Prose, poetry, etc.

  • Section A- Reading Comprehension and Passages
  • Section B- Writing Skills involving letter writing, articles, speech, and reports.
  • Section C- Literature-related studies based on flamingos and vistas, poetry and prose, etc. are covered under his section.


The stream of Humanities has seen a wide array of courses and career options after 12th humanities. Students must choose humanities if they are looking for careers in law, fashion, media, hospitality, teaching, and more.