When you are opting for the paint by numbers kit to portray your painting skills in front of others, you will probably need to keep several points in mind. A painter can easily explain many things that a non-painter should keep in mind while creating an artistic masterpiece. The kit helps you bring the hidden painter out, but there are some points that you need to keep in mind to get the best results.

A person who is new to the field or is trying to create the picture on the canvas for the first time needs some help to do that work, and so are the points that you will get to know when you read further in this article.

Pro tips to follow

As you have read earlier, many people draw the painting for the first time; here, you will get to know the points you need to keep in mind when you will read it further.

Paper guard: you probably need a paper guard when you are new to the painting world. This is because many times, people who are new to painting do not know the paint's right consistency. And accidentally, if the canvas shakes or is turned, the paint can spill all over the painting. Better is that the person uses the paper guard in order to protect the painting by staying intact, and no movement takes place.

Two wash cups: when you start painting, the very first thing that you will need is a wash cup; a wash cup is a cup in which you need to keep some extra water in order to clean your brushes. It is clear that your painting is not made up of only one color; you will probably have to use different colors in it, or you can say different shades of the same color. So whenever you are done with one of these colors, you will probably need to clean your brushes and then use it in another color.

But why two? The answer to this question is that you do not want your painting to look different from what you expected. Using two cups, you can clean your brush better, and you will not mix one color with another and get the best results.

Hack for the frame: when you want to hang your painting in your house but do not want to invest or waste your money in a frame, what will you do then? Better is that you use a strong adhesive such as a double-sided tape by using which you can paste your painting on the wall, and that will not damage your painting and also won't damage your wall. It will also solve your purpose of a stand as you can also paint it in the hanging mode just like painters do without wasting money on a wooden stand.

Conservative artist: when you are done with a painting, you will probably have not used all of the colors. At this moment, you will require to become a conservative artist who will probably save the paint for the next time. It means you are done with your one painting, but you can still try another one with the leftover colors in the box.

Toothpick as a brush: when you want to create a painting that has many details in it, you will probably require to pay attention to each and every small portion of your canvas. While filling colors, there can be a chance when the portion that you need to paint is too small to handle, and you feel like you will not be able to do it with the help of a paintbrush. In that case, you need not need to worry and take a toothpick out of your pack. Use the edge of the toothpick to pick the color from the box and paint the small portion from it. It is the smartest hack that a person can use for filling the paint in the small parts of the paint by numbers canvas.

Zigzag painting: worried about how you will fill the paint in the outlines of the portion? Do not take tension as to where there is a problem; there is a solution already made for it. Just observe a professional painter before taking any step; all you need to know is that you can try painting in a zigzag manner instead of painting straight on the lines. When you paint the portion in a zigzag manner, when the paint will overlap others from the lines, that will create the painting much more realistic.

Remove the stubborn stain: what! You accidentally put the wrong color on the paint by numbers portion? Well, that what was sarcastic, and you do not need to take much worry about it. The stain can be removed easily without taking much tension. All you need to know is that the canvas you are using is made up of fabric only, and the paint you use in the portrait is water-based acrylic paint. So just the way you remove a strain from some cotton cloth, you can do the same with canvas. Wait! Do not put it in a washing machine; just take a kitchen towel or some cotton, dip it into warm water, and slowly clean the portion. Keep in mind that slow and steady will win the race, and do not try to rub the canvas fastly.

Final words

The above-mentioned tricks and tips are so important for a person who wants are trying to create a painting for the very first time. Apart from this, it is also beneficial for other people who have done painting earlier but want to do it in a better way.

Well, if you want the best portrait ready and that too on your own, without wasting much of your money, then you should straight away focus on getting it done through this kit, and make your visitors surprise with your artistic skills.