The bookmaker affiliate program is a business tool that connects webmasters, owners of small sites and large portals. The 1xBet betting affiliate with excellent result works with partners according to the Revenue Share scheme: this is the deduction of a percentage of the profit from the income from the player. But you need to understand that the player does not always lose, in case of the players' victories, you also incur partnership losses in accordance with the of the affiliate program. In this affiliate program there is no monthly zeroing of the negative balance.

The webmaster's commission is proportional to the bookmaker's earnings from the player. Earnings are not affected by bonuses or player's working capital:
  • you earn 20% of the advertiser's nominal profit;
  • minimum 15% on revenue share;
  • in accordance with the partner's activity you can get up to 40%!

The attracted player, as well as the commission from the office's income, is life-long assigned to the webmaster.

As advertising, email spam, opening the 1xbet website in an iframe with a zero size, as well as in an invisible zone, setting tags, script cookies and other similar manipulations are prohibited. It is important to note that for violations of the rules of the affiliate program for resources, the partner's commission can be cut to 10% irrevocably.

Who can become a partner

The total amount of winnings is not limited - get your commission while you're invited players and their referrals play. Betting 1xBet affiliate with excellent result allows any of its users with verified personal information to become a partner. The system works like a “Invite Friends'' promotion by default, but in practice it is possible to create an extensive four-level referral system and receive a percentage of the 1xBet profit.

If we consider the referral system as a way of regular earnings, then 1xBet is best suited for this. The company's products are available on websites, in programs for computers and in mobile applications, they are translated into 40 languages. Even in countries where the storefront is not officially allowed, the brand is well known, and the audience has access to methods to bypass blocking.

In addition, the company helps in maintaining the network, provides relevant marketing materials (links, promotional codes, banners), suggests how to invite more, how to create an effective landing page. You can earn money absolutely passively by creating a large network, income can be quite impressive.