No one in this world can live without an email address in this world. The main requirement for setting up a phone or filling in your details is an email address. You can complete any of the tasks if you don’t have an email address. We are so much dependent on our emails that the email notification keeps on buzzing on our phones every second, and we have to check whether the email we have received is important or not.


Most of the email we receive out of them is either a spam email or a promotional email. These emails can harm your productivity, and sometimes we miss out on some of our important emails due to them. That is why we need to find a solution to save our email from these spam emails. We can use some email spam checker tool also. So, let us first understand the difference between spam and a promotional email to remove the spams more efficiently.


Differentiating the promotional email from spams


The first thing that must be popping up in your mind is that every email entering your email without your request or permission is a spam email. This definition seems true to many people out there, but it is not. There is a difference between spam email and promotional emails. The spam email is also unknown as the unsolicited bulk emails that a company does in bulk amount. The following are the example which will help you understand what a spam email is:-


  • If you provide you with detail to a specific website and that company will start sending you emails in bulk amount, then that email will not be considered spam email. The reason is that company has sought your permission by asking for your email and can now legally advertise their content through your email in front of you. Such emails are known as promotional emails, and an email spam checker will never filter out such emails for you.
  • In the other case, if the website you have registered with sells your email address to some other website or company owner. If the company starts sending you emails to promote their product, then these emails are known as spam emails. You have not granted permission to such a website; that is why you can filter out such emails through the email spam checker easily.


By now, you would have understood the major difference between spam mail and a promotional email. Let us learn some tactics you can use as an email spam checker and filter such emails out.


Ways to filter the spam out


If you are a regular user of email, then one thing you would have noticed is that there is a spam box in your email account. Every email service provider has a special inbuilt email spam checker. This checker tries to filter out all the emails that it feels like a spam message and can harm your email list.


Even after this, spammer worldwide is continuously working full time to find out such ways that they can use to fill your inbox from spam messages. To filter out such spam messages, you can adopt several messages so that they may not harm you and other peoples. The ways are as follows:-


Mark spam as spam 


The first step you should follow is that you must mark a spam message you receive as spam. There are many occasions when we receive spam mail in our email. We check that mail out and leave this mail as such. This action will lead to an increase in the score of that spammer email, and more and more mail will be reflected in your email.


 If you want to stop them from further spamming your email list, you must mark them as spam. By this, whenever the person will try to send you a mail, it will automatically move to the spam folder. Not even this, the score of that spammer will declare due to which they won’t be able to move to the inbox of some other person easily.


Try not to publish your email 


All the spammers globally have advanced knowledge of technology and are great data miners. They can find out your email from anywhere all around the websites and start sending you an email. Such emails can make you miss one of your important emails, so it becomes really important for such people to move to your block list.


To save yourself from any such data miner, you must void publishing your email. If there is an emergency and your some important piece of work is disappointed, you must publish; otherwise, try to avoid it. The main areas where these spammers can find your email is google forms and social media.


You should make sure that all the places where you have entered your email address are private. Moreover, when you provide the details of your email on a website, always check whether the website you are providing your details with is trusted or not; if you feel that there is some discrepancy, then never provide your email.


Don’t open suspicious emails


Whenever you browse through the list of your mails, you find that there are suspicious emails. These emails would have some greed for you due to which you will open that email. Never fell for such action done by the spammer. When you open the mail made by the spammer, then its score will increase.


The only action you need to take with this email is to apply the spam checker tool to your email and filter out this email from your inbox. This email is now shifted to spam without being opened, which will save your inbox from this person’s attack again.




These are some of the basic points that you must keep in mind if you want o save your mail from a spam attack. All you have to do is apply the method that is told you above. You must also apply an email spam checker to your email for the overall protection of your email address.