The constant change is technology makes life different. But it also has a significant impact on the SEO factors. To cope up with the changes, you need to be mentally and technologically prepared. Search engine optimization focuses on improving the ranking of a site in the search engine result pages.

Various search engines use different policies and algorithms for search engine rankings. The future of SEO is nothing known to us, but keeping all the recent changes, below are some of the future scopes of SEO.

User experience will be highly prioritized:

The algorithms of Google are continuously improving the user experience from day-to-day. Google ranks those particular websites that care about the user's needs. According to the modern SEO professionals, in this user-friendly world, knowing about the mere technicalities are not enough.

To understand the interest of the user, they need to become more creative. When a user is searching, it is obvious that he or she is looking for something. If your website can provide the appropriate solution, then only Google will recognize your website to be a definitive source of information.

It is probable that SEO services in the future are going to give lesser importance to keywords and will focus more on readability, as the primary focus of Google is on user experience.

AMP will serve as an important ranking factor:

We all know how smartphones have overshadowed the computers. It is also the same scenario in the case of web visits. Most of the users make use of smartphones to visit their websites. So, it becomes essential for SEO professionals to make website optimizations according to mobile needs. At this point, AMP enters SEO.

AMP stands for Accelerated mobile pages. For the first few years, the internet had focused on page-designing for desktop. Today, we have two options to choose our interface, the mobile, and the desktop. However, mobile is the primary index.

A not only visually attractive website will do the work. For the performance of a website, speed also stands as a crucial factor. The online searching and shopping patterns have changed a lot. As we move forward in time, it is most likely that AMP will be a significant ranking factor.

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Artificial intelligence will handle the SERPs:

After witnessing all the drastic changes in the technological field, it is most likely that artificial intelligence will completely handle and monitor the search results. With the advancement in technology, with time, the machines started to understand the content better, and that leads to more accurate results.

We are still far from the 'machine age,' and we are not sure about the consequences it is going to bring. Therefore, all we can do is to create high-quality content without stuffing annoying keywords and make it user-friendly. A typical user always prefers an interactive text, rather than a too monotonous one.

Content and link:

The sole of your site is the content. Maintaining the quality of content is far more important than you could ever think. As long as your content satisfies the user, he or she will revisit your website when they will be looking for that information again.

Your blog must be comprehensive, based on the wants of your user to provide you with potential traffic. The URL of your blog must have the primary keyword to make your site rank better. The Google authority considers backlinking as an important metric. To make the website authority high, make use of backlinks.


With all the points mentioned above, we can understand how technology will be taking over the digital processes. However, we are not sure about what the 'machine age' has stored for us and how we should gear-up ourselves.

Therefore, we must always focus on satisfying the user intent and offer them valuable content. But, to finally conclude, we can say that the foreseeable future is quite safe.