There is no doubt that technology has a great space in our lives. There are numerous ways in which technology has made a special place in our lives. And one of the most important aspects of technology which has now actually become a necessity of life and that is mobile phones. So, mobiles are very important in today's life. There are numerous advantages of mobiles. And every individual thinks to buy the best and latest models of mobile in order to fulfil his or her fantasy. Not just the models but there are multiple brands also leading in the market. With these brands, apple is one the leading brand with its own model of iPhones whereas the other mobile brands use the android version.

For a long time, there has always been a race between the iphone xr reconditionné and the android. And it is very evident that somewhere, the iPhone is leading this race. But there are no specific reasons known to the customers and the audience group that why the iPhone is leading over the android. Well, here we have mentioned some of the important reasons due to which the iPhone has always won over the android and is leading for a long time. Following are the 10 reasons for which iPhone is leading over android:

1. IPhones are always faster than Androids

Due to the effective design and proper making of the iPhones, they work very fast and efficiently as compared to the android one. This design is much visible in the latest refurbished iPhone xr. Android Mobiles hang a lot while working while there are no such traits in the android.

2. Effective Hardware and Software placement

All the hardware’s and software’s that are installed in an iPhone are being chosen by the professionals and are only the essential ones. There is no extra hardware and software associated with the iPhone unlike the android.

3. IPhone is easy to use

Since there is no pre-installed software in the iPhone, therefore, it becomes easy for the users to use the refurbished iPhone instead of an android phone.

4. Regular updates are available in iPhone

There are regular updates available in the iPhone which makes the working over iPhone more effective and efficient. This upgrade and updates are rarely available in androids.

5. Great applications in iPhone

There are numerous applications which are not supported by androids but all such applications are being supported in iPhone with efficient working. Here also, the refurbished iPhone wins over the android in providing effective applications to the users.

6. IPhone has no bloatware

There is no doubt that some android users find bloatware very efficient but actually it is just a way to take extra space in your handset. Androids have much more bloatware’s pre installed in it whereas in iPhones, it depends on the user if they want to install it or not. There are no pre installed bloatware in iPhones Hence, this is an effective feature of the iPhone which android does not support.

7. Efficient working with the Macs

IPhone has a great pairing with the Macs and together they work very effectively and efficiently. This is the reason why people refer to iPhones more than androids.

8. Latest Apple Pay Feature

Compared to Samsung Pay, Apple Pay is more flexible and supports easy payments. Where there are so many viruses installed in the Samsung pay which is an android version apple pay of iPhone works very fast without any hangs and viruses.

9. Supports family Sharing and saving

IPhone has this great facility of family sharing. Under this scheme, if an entire family buys an iPhone then they would get special offers and discounts but there is no such scheme for the android users. Hence, families often prefer to go for iPhone instead of android.

10. Great Support system and help desk

There is no doubt that iPhone users always get better redresses and great support from the manufacturers or their sellers. All their doubts and problems get solved very soon as compared to the android users. This is the reason people are more attracted towards the iPhone rather than the android.