The dodge charger is a car that has always appealed to the car driver, who is especially the die-hard fan of sports cars. In the 2020 version, the car's design is improved, and a wide body touch is introduced. It is a sedan car that has almost all the features of the sports car. The car's powerful engine will allow you to have fun in the car and enjoy trips with your family.

Some of the reasons to buy the new dodge charger jacksonville are mentioned below.


  • The option between the V8 and the V6  

The engines of the cars always keep on updating themselves no matter what car you choose. The same is the situation with the new dodge charger jacksonville, but there is a little change. The car is available in two different versions of the engine, i.e., the V6 and the V8. If you think that you are a regular user and don’t want to be in sports activities, you can opt for the V6 engine.

But in case you want to use the car, a sports car then the V8 engine will be the best for you. It is packed with a 6.2 liters V8 engine, which enhances both the performance and the life of the engine. 

  • All-wheel drive of the car

In the old version of the dodge, people have noticed that the car is not made for all seasons. The reason behind this is the traction of the car is significantly less. But in the updated version of the new dodge charger jacksonville, there is a new system introduced which increases the traction of the wheels. Now a person can quickly drive the car in any weather and terrain. 

  • The wide-body feels so premium and attractive

When a person is looking out for a sports car that is also bulky, then the person's first choice is to buy a car with a broader body. The new dodge charge has completed this dream of car lovers. The newly launched car has an extensive dashboard, which gives a very classy look to the car.

On the front side, there is a logo of the SRT near one of the headlights, which look unique. In the car's fender, the developers have left some extra space due to which the car can accommodate wider tires.

  • Looks like a muscle car having four doors

The muscle car is the type of car that is specially built for bulky people. Also, people want to buy them as the person who is sitting in these cars looks differently. Now the muscle cars are very costly, which every person cannot afford them. So, if you are looking for a car that serves the muscle car's purpose, then this car is the best for you. It is the best car that offered the functionality of the sedan and also looks like muscle cars. Also, the new additional feature is that the regular muscle cars just have two doors but new dodge charger jacksonville is equipped with four doors.

  • Perfect car for the combination of families and sports purpose

When a person is looking for a car for his family, the first thought is that the car must be a sedan. The reason behind it is that it has ample space to meet the requirement of the families adequately. Now a person will settle for a typical sedan, but if that person's dream car is sports, they will search for options. Now the best car that will serve the purpose of such people is the new dodge charger JacksonvilleIt is a perfect sedan car that is equipped with the features of sports cars.

  • Have a proper infotainment system

When a person is out on family outings or wants to enjoy driving the car, they require a proper entertainment system in the car. The car is having nine speakers of Harmon Kardon that are appropriately placed in the car. When you play some of your favorite tracks in the car, then it will rock your life and your mood too. Along with that, there is an led screen placed in front of the car, which you can connect with your phones. So, what better combo would you demand from a car.

You can control your car from your phone and enjoy your trips.

  • Safety at the top

The aspect of safety is very well and understood by the new dodge charger jacksonville developers. They have placed many features in the car, which they have been specially designed for the person's safety. Some of the best features are a robust outer body, lane changing indicators, and parking support. Also, the car's airbags are extra-large, which covers the person from both the front and the sides. It will ensure that you will always be safe in the car if you face an accident.

  • Performance of the car

The performance of the car is just outstanding. The engine fitted in the car is of top quality, having a high capacity to store the fuel. It ensures that the engine's life is more and it will give you the best performance. You can also retrieve all the data of the performance t6hrough the smartly designed app of your car.

  • Designed according to the functioning of the engine

The car's front design is made very smartly that it looks very premium and serves one more function. That function is the performance of the engine in the car. When a sports car runs on the street, then the heating of the engine is very obvious. In this car, this heating happens very rarely as the hedge's design is made this way. For the whole time, the car is running on the street; there is a continuous transfer of fresh air to the new dodge charger Jacksonville. 

It will help the engine to stay cool even when you are speeding up.


These are the main reasons why most people are attracted to the new dodge charger Jacksonville and must buy them. If you are also looking for a car like this, then without wasting a minute, you must order one for yourself.