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It’s a rare person who doesn’t realize the importance of the English language in today’s world. Every hour, somebody decides to launch on the fascinating quest towards mastering one of the most complex and nuanced languages in the Indo-European language family. No wonder, both native speakers and ESL students find mastering English grammar and spelling difficult. But even if you’re satisfied with your level of English, there’s always room for improvement.  

With the advent of the Internet, people got access to a wide range of educational resources and specialized software. Online grammar checkers and spell checking software go a long way towards helping writers and learners communicate their ideas more effectively and improve their written English. In today’s article, we’re going to draw your attention to the best online tools wherewith you can refine your spelling and grammar skills. 

1. SpellCheck.net

SpellCheck.net is a relatively new online grammar and spell check tools that help you detect spelling, grammar, punctuation, and syntactic errors in the blink of an eye. SpellCheck.net is ideal for correcting mistakes in your documents, academic papers, and posts. There are two options for you to choose from. If you need a quick check for your text, click on the ‘Basic check.’ It usually takes up to 10 seconds to scan 2-page text and provide you with the report. The system will automatically highlight the individual words and phrases that are deemed incorrect. Should require a more detailed report and thorough check, opt for the ‘Advanced check.’ 

2. Reverse Dictionary 

The English language is rich in phraseologisms, idioms, comparisons, metaphors, and other units you may want to use in your spoken and written language. There are times when you feel at a loss for words necessary to express a certain idea. You also may find yourself having an apt metaphor or idiom on the tip of your tongue but unable to recall it. That’s when the Reverse Dictionary app comes in handy. Type in the words or part of your phrase and wait for the system to come up with the relevant results. The chances are good you’ll find exactly what you were looking for. You can also use the resource in question to enrich your vocabulary and find fresh synonyms to trite and plain words. 

3. Grammarly 

It would be an unforgivable omission not to mention Grammarly on our list of most efficient online writing tools. Grammarly is a tried and tested app that is ideal not only for fixing misspelled words, but also improving the overall style of your writing. Grammarly’s robust spell checker can be integrated into your browser and help correct errors in your emails, messages, and posts. What’s more, Grammarly pinpoints and corrects contextual spelling mistakes and provides detailed justification and explanation for its corrections. This allows you to improve your vocabulary and spelling skills. Grammarly also offers sound ideas for you to enhance your writing style and make your messages more appealing and engaging.    

4. Ginger 

Another robust spell checker trusted by countless users is Ginger. Similarly to Grammarly, Ginger can be embedded into your Chrome or Safari browser and correct grammar, spelling, syntax, punctuation, and typos in your documents and messages you share online. It relies on a patent-pending technology, which allows pinpointing and correcting misused words in an efficient manner. What distinguishes Ginger from other checkers of its ilk is its accuracy and ability not only to flag incorrectly spelled words but also substitute them with appropriate equivalents. 

5. Hemingway App

There are tons of writing apps you can use to quickly detect spelling errors in your text. But if writing is your lifestyle, you may need a more sophisticated tool that can satisfy your particular writing needs and suggest noteworthy improvements. If you’re looking for an online text editor that can detect and fix your spelling, grammar, syntax, punctuation, and even flow, set your sights on Hemingway App. It can be used online and offline. So, you won’t require the Internet connection every time you need to check a new portion of your writing. Hemingway also affords formatting and direct publishing features, which allow enhancing and speeding the writing process. 

There are other online writing apps and programs you may find useful. So, we encourage you to research and explore other options available. But the tools mentioned on today’s list are those tried-and-true tools that will never let you down. You can use them anytime to garner knowledge and skills needed to mold into a perfect writer and communicator.