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Reasons why to order a cheap resume

It is better to order writing from others if: 

  • you don't have time, but you have money; 
  • you are applying for a top manager position or any other high management position; 
  • you are out of tune with the style and make mistakes when writing the text;
  • you need to create a resume in a foreign language that you do not speak perfectly.


Secrets of selling cv: top 10 rules 

  • The job title and resume must match. 
  • The photo in the resume should be business-like, adequate. 
  • If there are several vacancies, then the resume for each should be separate. 
  • The level of the desired earnings must be indicated. 
  • A cover letter must be attached to the resume. 
  • A consistent style of writing your resume and cover letter is important. 
  • The keywords for the resume can be taken from the job description. 
  • Work experience must correspond to the position indicated in the vacancy. 
  • You need to present your achievements to the maximum: it is not the time to be modest! 
  • The resume should contain only truthful information. 


As you can see, it is not difficult to create a selling resume. That being said, do not forget to write a selling cover letter for your resume - it will significantly increase your chances of success with an employer. Many recruiters do not consider a resume without a cover letter at all, rightly considering this a sign of low interest of the applicant in a new position.