Which dinner set is best between glasses and ceramic?

Choosing a dinner set suitable for the needs of the house is possible. It must conform to the design that we like, meet quality expectations, and be easy to use and maintain.

Traditionally plates, trays and salad bowls, bowls, etc., were made of earthenware, ceramic, porcelain, and crystal or glass. These pieces are also made of melamine and other vitrified materials, mixed with various alloys that give them greater resistance, more intense colors, etc.

Fancy harmonious and impeccable tableware for a nicely set dining table

For that, it is still necessary to know how to choose it well! Tableware has to sublimate your dishes, nothing better to make your guests' mouths water in the blink of an eye.

Indispensable and essential daily, the choice of a dish service is crucial in the art rules (of the table). Plates, glasses, cutlery, and table accessories ... To guide you in your choice, here are the tips for crockery as practical as it is aesthetic. It will adapt, without breakage, to your lifestyle as much as to your desires!

What type of tableware to choose?

With these few decorating tips, you will know how to handle the table's art like a pro! Above all, it will be good to decide on the number of elements that will make up your dish set. Large family or not, it is advised you to buy your dishes for a dozen guests.

If the plates, glasses, and table cutlery are on your shopping list, you must also think of table accessories such as cups, salt shakers, decanters ... Elements as useful as they are decorative that will accompany your meals, garnish your table, and can easily be displayed in your dresser!

Once your list has been drawn up, you can choose the models according to the materials, colors, and style for a table that is as practical as it is decorated. If the round plate is a timeless model, do not hesitate to adapt your dishes to your dishes. A square plate to better structure your dish or a plate with irregular edges to give your meals a unique touch! Side cutlery, nothing like stainless steel!

A material compatible with the dishwasher, practical when you like to put small dishes in large ones. We also think about cutlery for outdoor meals. Inwood or plastic, they will be practical for a country picnic or a quick lunch. And to top it all off, let's not forget the glass! Sober glasses, design, or service of mismatched glasses, glass is used every day. You can buy the glass dinner set online at affordable prices.

Therefore, it is essential to have on hand glasses, sizes and shapes adapted to your uses. You may have colored or sober glass tumblers for every day, water glass, and wine glass for a more careful meal.

The ideal? Arrange in your cupboards, small, medium, and large models! Delicately displayed in a display case or placed on your dining table, your dishes will show your guests, friends, or family that you know how to receive them!

Glass or ceramic tableware: which material to choose for an elegant table?

Whether for everyday life or special occasions, your plates' choice will be a good starting point for setting up an elegant and harmonious table. Porcelain, ceramic, or earthenware? The material is essential to constitute all of your tableware. If all three are variants of ceramics, it's all a question of taste and use!

A benchmark in tableware, porcelain is well known for being resistant and waterproof, but that's not all! Symbol of refinement and elegance, white plates will therefore be ideal for special occasions. A table in a more rustic style will easily accommodate ceramic plates and create a more authentic atmosphere: nothing like it for convivial family lunches! And for everyday use, earthenware but also glass, bubbled, or smoked. You can choose the glass and buy a glass dinner set online at a very reasonable price.

Colorful, classic, or modern: what style of tableware to choose?

The essential question: do we opt for coordinated tableware or rather a mixture of styles? Like the decor, the dishes chosen will reflect the image of their host. If it depends on the use, it is primarily based on individual taste.

For a more modern effect, you can mix styles and combine your dishes with sober, colorful, or patterned table runner. For a classic and elegant style, opt for tableware in white, black, or beige tones! However, be aware of making a delicate choice and avoiding mixing colors to set up a harmonious table.

Do not hesitate to stay with classic, timeless choices for a romantic meal, like porcelain plates and crystal glasses.