Odometer correction seems like a profitable idea. It offers you a tool that can roll back the mileage and help you sell your car at a better price. Sounds perfect, right? Unfortunately, the reality is slightly different. A mileage adjustment device is something that is associated with numerous risks, be it safety issues or ethical factors. That’s why it’s important to examine all the strings attached to it. Otherwise, you might make a mistake. It’s also crucial to look out of the box and explore other alternatives. SuperKilometerFilter manufactures the mileage blocker which offers interesting features. Let’s get started, discuss everything about mileage-related tools, and figure out which one is more suitable for you.

What risks are associated with the odometer correction tool?

Unlike a mileage blocker, sold at SuperKilometerFilter, an odometer changer is a troublesome tool. The risks associated with its utilization are twofold: on one hand, it might cause you legal or ethical trouble, on the other hand, it might damage your car.

Since an odometer adjustment tool can rewind the mileage, it’s considered unethical. People generally utilize this software to reverse the numbers on the trip meter. That way, they have the chance to pretend that their car hasn’t traveled the whole world. Consequently, that leads to fraud, as they get more money for vehicles that cost way less. In certain states, such activity could even be illegal.

People might have various reasons for reprogramming the odometer, however, in the majority of cases it comes down to the act of disclosure. It’s always better to use professional services and alter the mileage with licensed tools. But if you still want to do it yourself, you have to reveal that information to the customer. It’s not uncommon to rewind the odometer for technical reasons, but if that’s the case, it’s crucially important to be honest about it. If you’re lying about it, that automatically means that you’re employing this tool for deception and fraud. 

What’s more, not all models of the odometer programmer are the same. Some of them might be safe for your car, but some of them might cause serious damage. Certain versions of this tool require you to cut cables, which can be tricky. If you don’t know what you’re doing, you might ruin the internal system of your vehicle. Therefore, an odometer correction tool isn’t the safest thing you can get on the market.

What makes a mileage blocker a safer alternative?

There are several reasons why a mileage blocker is a safer alternative. It’s configured in a way that doesn’t cause any damage to your vehicle.

A mileage stopper comes with a plug-and-play module

SuperKilometerFilter sells mileage stoppers that have a plug-and-play module. In other words, it provides you with the tools that can be connected to your car directly. That way, you won’t have to take your vehicle apart just to install the device. Its original plug guarantees that nothing will be damaged during the installation process. You won’t need advanced expertise to understand how to dismount the odometer and connect the mileage stopper. If you know a thing or two about your car, you will be able to install this device even without the manual. 

An odometer blocker is more ethical to use

More importantly, SuperKilometerFilter creates odometer blockers for testing purposes. This means that these tools are more ethical, as they aren’t meant for deception and fraud. They enable you to test the functionalities of your car in a controlled environment. It’s not advisable to utilize this tool on the open road. After all, it’s an ethical device that has one simple purpose - it wants to help you understand your vehicle better. 

People might take advantage of its features for their benefit. They might connect the odometer blocker to the car in order to stop recording the mileage on the open road. The reasons for such actions are quite diverse, yet none of them justify using this tool unethically. You should always prioritize ethical matters if you don’t want to run into some trouble. 

Is a kilometer stopper worth your money?

If you’re looking for an ethical tool that you can use for testing the performance of your vehicle, then a kilometer stopper is worth your money. It’s a cost-effective device that does everything it promises to do. It has numerous advantages and perks, including safe DIY installation, straightforward operation, and undetectable performance. 

The operation itself is so easy that even the toddler will manage to get the hang of it. You’ll need to press a button or two to switch this software on. Another press will take you to the modes and you can start selecting the suitable one. Everything runs smoothly with a kilometer stopper. And we can all agree that safe installation and easy operation are the selling points of this tool.

Moreover, you won’t find a kilometer stopper that offers a “one-size-fits-all” type of operation. On the contrary, each model is tailored to the exact make of your vehicle. That way, you can stay assured that you’re receiving premium performance and safe operation with each purchase. The main thing to remember is that you should use it for checking performance stats or various functionalities of your car. 

Once you add all these features to the equation, you really start to understand that a kilometer stopper has unlimited potential. It’s worth every penny, undoubtedly. Once you try it out, you’ll know exactly what I am talking about. 


An odometer correction tool isn’t the safest unit for your car. Though it’s a promising device, it might damage your vehicle or cause ethical/legal trouble. It’s almost something that you shouldn’t bother with if you don’t want to have problems. A mileage blocker, on the other hand, doesn’t have those issues and is meant only for testing purposes. It’s a simple device that can truly help you out. It’s always better to go for more ethical options than let promising features take you on. Of course, it’s your personal choice, but I think the mileage blocker is a superior device. Good luck!