Lead generation using LinkedIn may seem like a challenge. Although there’s a lot of information online, doing everything yourself might lead to insufficient results at first. Whichever strategy you choose, it’s crucial to have the best team of professionals that will help you get things done.

But how to get leads from LinkedIn easily?

1. Use a LinkedIn Lead Generation Service

A LinkedIn lead generation service BrightestMinds.io at brightestminds.io/linkedin-lead-generation/ will provide you with thousands of potential leads. At a reasonable cost, the team of 50+ professionals will improve your salesforce like never before.

This b2b leads gen agency is eager to learn with every case they work on. Using innovative strategies to cater to different companies, they have improved their potential sales by around $10,000,000! And that’s from 2017 when BrightestMinds.io was established.

Generate more leads and bring your company to the next level with an expert service that has found over 500,000 leads over time, having sent over 1,500,000 emails.

Such a LinkedIn lead generation agency can become a key to the most successful campaign that will make your business one of the best examples.

2. Create a Business Pitch and Use It as a Commercial

Lead generation is a good thing when you have partners like BrightestMinds.io. But it’s crucial to be an interesting white label to make sure you catch their attention. For that, you’ll have to create a business pitch.

Hire a team that will help you create a 30-second commercial about your company. Communicate through it with potential customers and find people that will become loyals. Post the video and the short text from it on your LinkedIn profile to catch visitors’ attention.

If your business is too small to hire a team of pros, try to write the pitch home. Use the messages from grateful clients, think about things that inspire you. Create a folder “my marketing inspo”, and it will help you find the best way to tell people what you do through LinkedIn. This way, you’ll pay $0 per lead. However, finding more via generation agencies won’t hurt.

Make the focus of the video on evolving from a prospect to a satisfied customer!

3. Use Marketing Software

Marketo and other software brands can help you upgrade your campaign quickly and effectively. Yes, not all programs are free, but making an investment in success is never a bad thing. Buy software that you really need to avoid wasting finances.

You can always ask for a loan. While it’s not recommended, the future campaign might return all the money and give much more than you needed initially.

Only the companies that use the advances of sophisticated technology will stay afloat after the quarantine is over. It’s time to start incorporating those now. AI, big data, the Internet of Things are getting more and more attention. They are used in everything from manufacture to marketing. Use such apps for LinkedIn lead generation ASAP!