Once in a lifetime each one of us may have attempted Doodle Art. Wondering how??
Be it boring lectures or long hours of taking notes, those corner random scribblings at the back of or on the side of the notebook page is nothing but Doodling!
There is no fixed answer to, ‘What is Doodle Art?’ For an easy understanding of doodle art, take it as random scribblings on paper that give vivid meaning to shapes, faces, flowers, words, alphabets, daily objects, and a flow of patterns. And yes, most importantly, you don’t need to be an artist or a drawing pro to doodle. Doodle art for beginners starts with the very basic thing: scribbling.
Importance of learning Doodling for Kids
Kids doodle what they feel or want to express. It is therefore a perfect stress buster.
Certain forms of doodling make the child focus on creating an array of patterns. Improves concentration.

There are no fixed rules and measurements for making doodle art. Hence it is the perfect way to foster creativity in kids.
What are different forms of Doodle Art for Kids?
Mandala Art: A traditional Indian art form.
This art entails creating concentric patterns.
Though it looks complicated, there are many easy ways to master step-by-step mandala art for beginners along with mandala coloring tips.
The benefits of learning mandala art are immense.
Zentangle Art is specifically a series of repeated patterns made within a shape, an animal, flower, alphabet.

Zengtangle art for kids can be a fun and relaxing way to let them experiment with fillings of dots, lines, orbs, curves inside the shape and create beautiful art forms.
‘Tangles’ basically means the patterns created within.
Zent doodling is the same as zen tangle art except that it can be colored.
Any random pattern with abstract patterns can help the child benefit from zen doodling in the form of a boost to creativity and an increase in concentration and memory.
If you are thinking that doodling is all about creating patterns then you are wrong!
Free-style doodling for kids is a relaxing activity that allows them to basically scribble on paper their feelings, faces, cartoons, and random wacky objects given life and emotions.
There is plenty of easy doodle art for beginners and kids on the net, to make your child fall in love with this whimsical art!

What things do you need for making a Doodle Art?
It can start with something as basic as a pencil and you are good to go. However, if you are set to learn doodle art, then note things required for making a Doodle Art.
Other things you need for Doodle Art Ink pen sets (the tips may vary for different forms of doodle art), Color Pencils, WaterProof Markers (In case you are attempting surface doodling), and A sketchbook (would be better if you maintain a separated book for creating your own collection of easy doodle drawings for beginners, to keep up with the consistency).

How to Get Started with Doodle Art?
Let us now see an easy step-by-step guide to start with doodle art for kids.

1. Practice Shapes
The very first step is to practice drawing different kinds of shapes. It can be anything. Rectangle, Oval, Square, Diamond, Heart or just any closed figure like clouds, speech bubbles, waves, water drops.

2. Animating letters, alphabets, daily objects, animals, flowers
Going one step further, practice drawing whimsical shapes and animate them by giving eyes, or an action step. This will help in increasing visualisation or imagination power of kids by drawing anything around on paper.

3. Random Lines and Fill
Beginners looking for an easy way to learn mandala art or zentangle art can first try with this!
Take plain paper and draw random lines crossing each other forming tiles. Fill those tiles/shapes with a random sequence of lines, orbs, dots, shapes.

4. Write something and then fill it around
Another way is to write something in middle, and border it with random fills of pattern or shapes to create a doodle.
When children doodle, they learn a lot of patience and how to focus.
To make the best of stay-at-home, engaging them in doodle classes for kids can be the best way to gift them a fun and relaxing time. There is no dearth of doodle drawing ideas, all we need is to find the right technique for creating doodle art. All this can be learned by a doodle art coach by enrolling the kids in professional online doodle classes for beginners.
Piggy Ride, a leading E-learning platform in India, has some great options to offer under online doodle classes for kids. Let’s explore and get doodling!