One of the most important aspects of a task is formatting. Your assignment can seem dull and monotonous if you do not format it properly. Due to this, there is a possibility that you may miss out on useful marks. Hence, it is very essential that you need to dedicate some time for formatting purposes. This will ensure that your assignment is in the required structure. However, if you are unsure how to format your task, you can learn how to do so by reading this article. Another way is by approaching the best online assignment service. The best assignment service is aware of all the formatting, structure, and presentation aspects of the assignment.

Why should students opt for assignment help?

Students who need assistance with their assignments should opt for assignment help. This is because most foreign students are preoccupied with domestic tasks, jobs, and studies. These tasks take up a lot of time, leaving little time to complete a task. Hence, students will have to complete the assignment while juggling a busy schedule. Even if the students manage to complete the assignments, there will be certain issues. 

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For example, the assignment may not have the required style or structure. There will be no decent flow between the paragraphs and the ideas. The structure, the style, the flow of ideas and paragraphs, and formatting – all these carry marks. If they are neglected, there is a high chance that students will lose the marks.

What all factors are considered under formatting and presentation?

Given below are the factors which are considered while giving a score for formatting and presentation.

1. Format 

2. Writing style

3. APA referencing

5. Layout

6. Spelling and grammar

7. Word count

What are the formatting rules to be followed?

Several formatting guidelines must be met. To assist you with this, check out the formatting guidelines given below. 

Starting with fonts, make use of common fonts like Verdana, Calibri, Tahoma, or Arial. You should keep it consistent throughout. You can use the black font on the white backdrop. Unless you have a special authorization, avoid using colored backgrounds or text in colors other than black. The main body of the assignment should be written in 11 or 12 font sizes, with black text on a white backdrop. 

Note: Times New Roman is the most common font. Most assignments are written in Times New Roman font. You can also use Calibri or Arial. You can use any of the fonts based on the college requirements.

How should the spacing be? 

Try to keep 1.5 spacing alignment and a margin width of 2.53 cm. This gives a neat impression when a sentence is written. It is important to leave a blank space between the paragraphs so that it looks clean and neat. You can leave a blank line between each question if the questions are short. It gives a positive feeling if you start each topic on a new page if they are lengthy. Keep left aligned as justified.

How should the heading be?

Keep the heading in bold font. This helps to know that a heading is written. Subheadings aren't normally needed in essays, but they are in studies. Including subheadings has its own set of advantages. It gives clarity to the paragraph or the sub-topics.

How should the title page be?

It is always good when the assignment has a title page. Following is the information that should be present on the title page. The title page should have the title of the assignment with a number. It should have the name of the course, number, and deadline. Write down the full name, as well as the student number. Information and details should be at the center of the page.

How should the numbering be done?

 It is necessary to number the details present within the tables and figures. Only then information regarding them can be referred to. For example, if you have written some information. You may ask to refer to figure 1. Then you can write another piece of information and ask to refer to figure 2. For detailed information in the table, you will have to refer to the table by the number. Thus, it is important to number and label figures and tables like Figure 1, Figure 2, Table 1, Table 2, and so on are the numbers to add. This would give a clear idea to the reader. Labeling and caption of the figures and tables should be written accordingly. It is not necessary to number in the reference list.

Word count

At the end of the assignment, make it a point to write the word count. The word count here refers to the total number of words in the assignment. The word count appears before the bibliography and appendices. At certain times the guidelines for the word limit are decided by the faculty of the college. The number limit should be strictly followed. Otherwise, the faculty may penalty if it exceeds the given word limit by more than 10%.

The above formatting strategies take a lot of time as does the assignment. Hence, students who run on a busy schedule and may not be able to meet the deadlines of the assignments. Hence, they should approach the assignment help company. This is because the assignment helps companies understand every requirement of the students and they can cater the perfect solution for them.

Conclusion: You must do the formatting before submitting the assignment. This is because the formatting structure and the presentation carry a lot of marks. Importantly, they give a proper look to the assignment. In such times, it may be possible that you can’t do the formatting yourself or the assignment yourself. Then, you should approach the best assignment help.