There are so many oral health challenges out there which an average human have to face and go through and these challenges are doubled and becomes trickier when it comes to pregnancy. Here are a few of those challenges which we will be discussing today along with how you can achieve a Hollywood smile in Dubai.

  • Increased risk of tooth decay

A mother’s body progresses in such a way that it first caters to the need of child and later the carrier herself. This is the reason that most of the times mothers run on a nutrient deficiency because most of it is being absorbed by the baby first and later the mom which tends to increase the risk of tooth decay. The nutrients needed to maintain the oral health is not sufficient enough to fight off the bacteria and heal the tooth decay. Maintain good oral health hygiene in this time period and take care of yourself with assistance from the best cosmetic dentist Dubai.

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  • At the verge on gum disease

It is common for people to suffer through gum diseases even if they are taking care of their oral hygiene but when you are pregnant and already suffering through such diseases, it can be very alarming as gum disease can now be amplified due to the above mentioned nutrient deficiency. Gum pockets depth can increase and get worse with time if good care is not ensured.

  • Morning sickness increases risks

A big ratio of moms suffers through morning sickness and the vomit which comes along with it. Due to the continuous exposure to acids because of vomit, long term health of teeth can be highly affected. This can cause damage which you may not even recognize until it’s too late. Again, we would recommend you to make sure that your oral health is in full check and be regular with your dentist appointments the way you would be with you gynaecologist.

So if you find yourself caught in such a situation where you will have to go through some major dental treatment we would recommend you to hold it off or refrain from it until you have tried every other possibility because it cannot be good for your health or the developing child due to medications and chemicals that could be used during the treatment. Do you research thoroughly and then make the decision carefully.