The Real Fact is that finding anime torrent sites isn't tough to find out. That's because anime is now widespread globally, with millions searching for anime content online every day. P2P anime websites look like one of the best sites to watch movies and TV shows as they appear online.

Here are some of the best anime torrents sites for download as well in 2021.

1. Nyaa - Its best overall Anime Torrent Site. Here we can find movies, TV shows, e-book and many more that too without any account registration with more than 3.5 crores visitors. 

2. 1337X - Its best for P2P repository. Also highly reputable tracker, easy navigation, rich torrent library with regular stuff. It's also one of the oldest torrent websites of its kind with near about 5.2 crore visitors.

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3. The Pirate Bay - Its best for Healthy Anime P2P files. The world's most popular general torrent sites with an incredible population. Everything related to movies, TV shows, Music, games, software, e-book, anime and much more content can be found here with nearly 3 crore visitors.

4. LimeTorrents - This one has been the world’s most popular torrent repository until numerous other options appeared. Although it’s still growing strong and has a large fan base. It has Straightforward UI design with almost 1.5 crore visitors.

5. Torrentz2 - It should be your best tool in looking for the torrent you need to download in case nothing else works. The content you don’t find here, then you don’t find it elsewhere on the Internet. It works by scanning and scraping a huge list of torrent websites. By typing the name of the content you can know which site contains that content.