Being locked in is the new normal and going out is scarier than ever. In such a scenario, if you have something to pass your time well, it’s nothing less than a blessing. Besides the work from home and work for home schedule, there is hardly much time to devote to something else, but never forget, refreshment is always needed. This is where online games come into the scene.

Earlier the games played on mobile phones were designed just as pastimes. As a result, they were easy to win. Today, the games are more complex and the platforms that support them make sure you don’t get that so easily. The makers, therefore, design the games in such a way that you are compelled to think and broaden your horizon. You not only play but formulate strategies to record a win. 

No matter what age group the players belong to, these games only add to the mental abilities of the gamers. If you think games are not for kids or adults, you are wrong. It is for anyone interested in playing them. BW Education published a story recently where it stated how online gaming platforms are emerging as one of the most effective tools for children as the games make them happy, healthy, and well-adjusted to the current situation.

Given the difference in the preferences of gamers, the gaming industry has introduced multiple games with easily accessible features. You are free to choose the one you want. And you know what the best part of it is – these are mostly multiplayer games. These days, when social distancing is to be maintained, there is no way other than virtual platforms that can connect you with your loved ones. Online games have become those platforms. They allow players to connect with their friends and family from all across the world and play together.

Whether it is a card game or fantasy sport or a board game or cue sport, you can choose your favourite game to start enjoying the multiplayer games while interacting with them simultaneously.


Are you missing the other three members of your gang? Download online Ludo from any online gaming platform and connect with all of them with an online generated code. Choose your favourite colour tokens. Start playing. You can also interact with your audio switched on and feel like you all are at the same place. In case you are playing the board game with random players, you can keep yourself on mute and only focus on the moves each of them makes. Turn the dice, check the number, move your token stepwise. 

Like a real-life ludo match, gamers in this virtual version will also require reaching the finishing point. The player who successfully moves all four tokens of his coloured house to the finishing point wins. Click here to play now.


Are you having a big gang? If yes, this game is for you. If it’s been a long time since the eight of you gathered, playing Minecraft can be a perfect reunion. It is an online game that can be played in two main modes – Survival and Creative. In the Survival mode, the gamers have to search for their building supplies and food items. They have to deal with the mobs, moving creatures, like creepers, zombies, etc.

In the Creative mode, on the other hand, players are given the supplies and they don’t need food for survival. They can break the blocks that come their way immediately. This game is available in its PC version too, where you can enjoy 3-D appeal as well.


When it comes to card games, you can have three more friends tag along and play rummy. This is the game that not only refreshes you completely but also lets your brain muscles keep working to help you observe the moves, understand them, and play accordingly. In rummy, if you are not observant enough, you can hardly win. The players who want to win, need to be focused enough as studying the behaviour of the opponents helps them plan and build relevant sets and sequences to record a win.

Yes, there is a joker that can help you build a sequence, but then to win, you should have one pure sequence without the joker. Thus, it is recommended to check which cards are being discarded by your opponents. This will help you know which sequence you should focus on. The ones who make at least one pure sequence is the winner.

Call of Duty

If you are looking for a shooting game to play in a group, Call of Duty is for you. With an opportunity to try a variety of guns to use for shooting to using launchers to take down vehicles, the game has everything an adventure-lover would love to enjoy. The game needs perfect strategies for teams to win. Hence, as a gamer, you will have a chance to apply different tactics and use multiple tricks to win the game. The smooth navigation and user-friendly interface make the game with gang even more refreshing and enjoyable.

8-ball Pool

With 6 pockets and 15 balls, this version of cue sport is highly preferred. The balls in this game are numbered from 1-7, which are of different colours and the rest 9-15 are the striped balls with no. 8 being black. When players start, the balls are racked in a triangular arrangement with the black ball i.e., the one numbered 8 in the middle. The first shot or break shot is the important hit as the turn keeps rotating until the first ball drops into the pocket.

As soon as the first ball drops into the pocket, it is determined which person would get to shoot solids and who would need to aim for the stripped balls. The first player who shoots and drops ball no. 8 is the winner.

So, now you know the top 5 multiplayer games to keep you entertained during the lockdown. Play the one that interests you the most and win. Register with MPL and start playing today.