Stock market itself word seems a very fascinating and inviting too many people many people I want to make money in stock market, the get inspired by the way few people have made millions of dollars in stock markets in a very short span of time and all this can be done buy just one laptop sitting at your home without any office employees rent for electricity bills as such. So so it seems like ok and ideal job to come to stock market put in your money and grow it overnight to may be 3 times of 4 times without putting in much effort.

But practically when things get started and people start putting in their hard earned money at risk and the start facing losses that is the time they understand that there is something wrong with this business and it is not as Cakewalk as it seem to be in the first step.

In the beginning people start taking trades on the tips provided by the stock market companies and the brokers the even go to the portfolio management companies and start facing losses which that try to regain through Revenge trading and ultimately and up losing a bigger capital. It is that time when they understand that there is something missing or wrong about this stock market think and we will tell you exactly what the problem is the problem is is that when you see 5% of the people making money you have to understand what those 5% people have done such that they are making money and 95% rest people are losing money the main point is that 5% of the people who are making money they have complete knowledge about the stock market they have survived in the stock markets they know how to manage their position how to manage their risk when to enter into a Momentum trade and when to quickly book their profits. Becoming a stock market trader is a complete journey in itself and it should not be taken as a shortcut or a magic way to make money overnight just like any other profession this profession also requires some skill that you need to enquire in the form of knowledge and experience.

Now let us quickly see what knowledge is required to become a professional stock market trader and to make consistent money in stock market...

  • Trend Momentum analysis: this is where the real power of a stock market trader is is present because till the time you are able to understand the trend of the stock and Momentum in that Trend you can not risk your money just like that on any of the trade. We have many times seem that people always look for Momentum trades but they do not know that it a trade and its Momentum will always judge by its monthly chart and not by daily for intraday chart because a stock who has habit of going up will always be going up throughout his life and that is what we call a good stock it should be making a higher pattern throughout his life that is where he qualifies for a Momentum stock you can say that he is topper of the class and we just want to bet on the topper of the class if we take a few examples then they would be HDFC Bank Kotak Bank ICICI Bank Infosys TCS Larsen and Toubro Infotech divis lab Bajaj Finance Bajaj Finserv Asian Paints Berger Paints and many more.. so before you put your first Harden money at risk you should definitely check out monthly charge of the stock because that is where the real Momentum and trend of the stock lies.

  • An High Expectancy Strategy: after you have chosen the trend of the stock or rather you have chosen a high Momentum stock then comes that where you should take entry in that stock it is not like that you can take entry in the stock anywhere there are specific points where we have to take entry so that we can have maximum benefit from the stock movement. A strategy when combined with high Momentum stock selection can make huge amount of profits for lifetime a good strategy will have three major parts first is the entry point second is this stop-loss area and third is the target area and to combine this all you should also have a trailing technique so that you can always maximize your profit and never lose A trade in which you were winning earlier. In our stock market course we give all our high Momentum strategy is to our students along with the complete trading template by which they are able to to trade in an easier way everything becomes transparent and they are able to take the trade within fraction of a minute.

We give our students high Momentum investing strategies along with high Momentum swing trading strategies intraday Strategies and options strategies Our Options strategies have high expectancy with simply means that their win rate is above 70% which if combined with risk management can really make good money for anyone on a consistent basis in stock markets.


  • Position sizing: so once you have decided the high Momentum stock that you have to trade in along with the strategy which will tell you the entry and exit points then comes deciding the right quantity for you that suits your portfolio size that suits your pocket. If we have done everything right but our quantity is not right and is not consistent then we can make profits in few trades and Mein loss huge amount of money in other trades because our quantity was inconsistent...

Deciding the quantity e is also an art and has a proper professional way to do it will never raised more than 2% of our portfolio in any of the swing trade and we never rest more than 1% of our portfolio in an intraday trade now that also means that our wrist is always free calculated and it is the thing that besides our quantity and it is not the other way around it is not like that first we decide the quantity of the stock that we want to trade in and then we decide there is in fact it is the risk that the first know which actually decides our quantity that we have to take the trade and so if you have to take futures trade or you have to trade in options then how much lots will be good for you or even a future is suitable for you or not according to your own portfolio that this 2% of risk will decide. In our stock market course we will give you the trading template which will do all the calculations according to your own portfolio that how much quantity you should take according to your own portfolio size. If you want to know more about position sizing and how exactly it works kindly visit our website for the free position sizing trading template.

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  • Risk management and trailing technique: this is probably one of the most important thing when it comes to making consistent money from the stock markets. If we put this in simple word then risk management simply means to make big when you are proven right and to come out with a small stop loss when you are proven wrong. It is true that in stock market nothing works 100% no strategy no indicator no price action works 100% and if somebody claims to have a software or indicator or a strategy that works hundred percent that means he is lying and trying to fool people the only thing that we require in stock market is about 60 to 70% accuracy along with a risk management so that we need to to win Big when we are proven right and we need to lose small when we are proven wrong. So if we put this in simple words we at least need a risk management of 1:2 or 1:3 which is like the minimum risk reward ratio that we should play for in investing we can even go for or a 500 or 1000% return and we just need to trailer with profits...

So if we put this mathematically then if you are write 70% of the time and you play for 2 times the risk amount or three times the risk amount then you will make very good money and rest 30% of the time and you are not proven right then you will lose a small amount that you risked in the market.

Another important thing that is required in stock market is the training technique which will help you maximize your profit. So latest take this with an example if you have taken a trade and you are targeting for 3R and you have reached almost there but just before hitting your target this stock started reversing now does that mean that you will not book your profit or does that mean that you will again come to zero and Lose It All obviously not because you will be using a trailing technique which will help you at least get a 2R so that you make some good money even if you are not hitting the exact big target. In our stock market course we will teach you all these training techniques along with risk management and that is why our stock market course is considered as one of the best stock market course available online.

  • Hedging techniques: if we put it in simple words then heading simply means taking insurance just like you take insurance of your car when you purchase a new car because taking insurance is very important so that if you are proven wrong then also you will get money from the insurance company and there is a proper way to do it in stock market which is known only by the professional traders and novice people who just come to stock market thinking that it is an easy way to make big money they never understand what is hedging why it is required and how exactly to do it. Most of the time hedging is done by options because options are the only risk management tool that we have in stock markets in hedging we try to go long and short in the same trade so that if we are proven right we will get the benefit of the trade and if we are proven wrong then we will get claim from the insurance company because we have shouted as well in the same trade but there is a proper way to do it so that in both of the cases you are able to make money and that is we are the professional techniques come into play which exactly what we teach in our stock market course and that is why our students really love us because the get all this knowledge along with all the strategies that help them making money on a consistent basis in stock markets.