Different parts are there which you may need to change in guns to ensure it is functioning properly. If you are searching for an online shop to get the product, you can check out Magpul in Canada. Before you proceed, here are a few products to look for which you can buy from here. 

Universal wire loop 

It is a versatile sling attachment point and comes with flexible nylon coated stainless steel wire. It has a sling attachment via loops, eyelets, slots, or another opening to fit the wire thoroughly. It is found in two different sizes, one is 2.25," and the other is 3.25". It is hard-coat anodized, and CNC machined. It is stronger and quieter compared to other traditional hook attachments. 

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Leather rifle sling 

The hand-crafted leather accessories are 100% genuine veg-tanned leather. They are designed to fit the most standard-sized rifles and beautifully hand-tooled. Each product is made by taking proper attention and care in detail to prepare a unique product. The tools have this perfect combination of utility and practicality with a fashionable twist. The product is suitable to be used for different applications. 

QS 2-point bungee sling

Are you looking for a "single point tactical sling featured protected elastic shock cord?" You can go with this to reduce the dead weight and cushions the body during high activity periods. It includes non-reflective manganese phosphate heavy-duty push-button swivels of dimension 1-1/4". The original attachment accessories are also available with the product. 

QD Sling Swivels 

It enhances the versatile line of rifle slings and comes with a factory-installed QDM quick-disconnected swivel. It provides a low-profile design, resistance to corrosion, single-handed manipulation, a freely rotating table that prevents rollover. It offers speed, strength, security, and optimized to be highly functional. After it sets, the unit allows for necessary adjustments to shorten or lengthen the sling. Also, there is no scope for slippage and permits seamless shoulder transitions. 

MS4 Dual QD

It has rapid convertibility from one to two-point mode and is designed for ease. It is created with an easy one-handed tension adjustment and set for QD-style rear and front sling attachment points. It is customized to be used with RSA-QD, ASAP-QD, or MSA_QD. The product is durable, and you will not find any problem with using it. You can check the product by visiting the top online store. 

Ending note 

The top online store Magpul in Canada, will give you different parts you need in guns. It is available at a reasonable price, and you can order in bulk quantity. To know more about each item, you can read the product description section. It has included all the details that one would want to know before buying. 

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