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We are living in an ever-evolving world. Every decade, century or era faced some or other threats, earlier it was natural calamities, followed by many wars and now this pandemic. Challenges would come and go in every era; we have to fight smart and survive in order to keep the show going. Especially, when we are up against a smart virus, we can’t afford any mistakes. So, you stay at home, and let zamit take care of all the school related tasks. There is no doubt that children are being worst affected by this ongoing pandemic. They can’t go to school; they can’t go out to play and missing a lot many activities which contributes in their overall growth. Worry not all these concerns are being managed smartly by zamit. Let’s start with school admissions. Exams are being cancelled, and student are being promoted just so that the students are not required to step out. Therefore, next big task that is school admissions, seems impossible without stepping out. But we say no need to step-out, as admission in best CBSE schools in Delhi is now just a click away. Check zamit Admissions and let’s begin. You are required to create your child’s complete profile only once with all the required documents and you are all set to apply for admission in Best schools in Delhi at one go. Isn’t it simple and quick?

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Once you have applied for boy/girl or co-ed schools in Delhi NCR you can keep track of application on the same dashboard. You can also pay admission application fee through zamit, a secure payment gateway and don’t worry, you would receive a payment receipt for every payment made successfully. If you have any queries, or the school needs some additional document, either party can connect the other party through in-build app messaging services. After a school accepts your k-12 school admissions application you would get notified. So, are you ready for admission in Future ready schools in Delhi NCR?

Now, you must be wondering before getting admission, it is only reasonable to visit school and check details about it. We hear you, but for that also you need not to step out. Using SEARCH, RATE and REVIEW features of zamit you can search best IB board schools in Delhi or any other city and get results. The results would have information about schools like school website, contact details, address and location, ‘about’ school info, specific academic and additional information; all this curated information on one platform. Furthermore, you can check school reviews and ratings.

Now, how would you know if the school is future-ready or not. Well, that is covered as well under ZQ score. ZQ score is based on factors/parameters that make a school future-ready, in search results you would notice ZQ score and upon clicking you would get specific score against each parameter that makes a school future-ready.

If you are not looking for school admissions right now, but would require all these features in near future. We would recommend you zamit news, it covers all school/academic related curated news. If in near future, you would need help in nursery school admission in Delhi, zamit admission would keep you updated with admission dates, documents required and all other formalities and more. zamit News also cover future-ready technology/practices in education, Admission tips for parents, health-related and other tips, any and every school-related news.

We understand the struggle to find right school for special children, where they fit in properly, feel comfortable and learn/grow. So, keeping that in mind we also have listings for best public high schools for special education. Believe us this is just the glimpse, there is a lot more waiting for you on zamit. Check student's engagement section for edutaining games, activities, audio and video stories. Teacher resources to help you become a future-ready teacher and don’t miss out special webinars on relevant topics by industry experts.

See you on the other side. Stay future-ready with zamit!