In India, around 85% of businesses are family-run businesses. Tata, Birla, Mahindra and Reliance are some of the best examples in this area. You might think that it is easy to get into your family business; however, it requires a lot of hard work, management skills and knowledge of the competitive industry to make it big and carry forward your family's legacy. The businesses have their own hurdles, one being the difficulty in moving from the one-person general management approach to a professional management approach. 

India offer BBA, MBA and PGDM programme in Family

To solve this issue, many B-schools in India offer BBA, MBA and PGDM programme in Family Business, which will prepare the future family business heirs and owners. Family business courses are best suitable for next-generation family business owners. Family business management has arisen as an essential discipline at business schools after second-and third-generation family members realise the need for specialised skills to take over the controls and create a better corporate work environment. Over the past decade, B schools have introduced courses On family business, founded centres dedicated to the subject. 

One of the most sought-after course is BBA Hons in Family Business.  The programme will offer an opportunity to strengthen as well as expand the existing business or even start some new venture. This programme will impart skills and knowledge in many crucial aspects while running, managing and scaling Family Businesses and New ventures. Still, the uniqueness of BBA in Family Business lies in its replete with projects, innovative pedagogies, internships and experiential learning. Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) specialisation in Family Business offers the right mix of training in simulated and real business scenarios offered as a part of the unique programme structure. Significantly, this course will also help participants deal with the various changes taking place on account of globalisation, competition, automation and how family businesses and entrepreneurial startups be managed in this era of change. 

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Bachelor of Business Administration with Family Business course

Bachelor of Business Administration with Family Business course focuses on imparting knowledge as well as required skills in starting up, managing and scaling up the family business and new ventures.  BBA Hons in Family Business is different from other management specialised courses. The programme gives a mix of training in simulated and real business scenarios. The Family Business Management programme is mainly for the family business owners looking to sustain, scale and grow their businesses. The teaching and content cover business sustainability, entrepreneurship, concepts market trends, thereby leading to business expansion and growth. BBA in Family Business will help you evaluate your family businesses' state and prepare you to stimulate your business to the next level.  

BBA in Family Business is a programme outlined to meet the needs of family managed businesses in today's world. It helps in improving the entrepreneurship as well as the managerial skills of a person. This programme's scope is much broader as people are more inclined to establish their own business or venture into startups or expand their family business. It gives a sense of independence and job satisfaction. BBA Hons in Family Business programme is also apt for the individuals who wish to have their startups, or get selected in top companies at managerial roles such as Finance Manager, Business Consultant, Human Resource Manager, Business Administration Researcher, etc. 

Those who have completed a BBA programme in Family Business Management can step into the startup world, start their own business, become owners of their family business, and expand them. Apart from this, people can get job opportunities in MNCs and other companies at the managerial level.