With the increasing number of mobile applications in the App Stores, it has become essential to build your app flawlessly to give it a competitive edge. And here are the mistakes developers must avoid during mobile app development to end up successfully with an ROI-driven application. 

A mobile app has become a must-have for every business today and that’s mainly because of the increasing number of mobile application users and the ease and convenience these applications offer. As per the current Stats reports, there are more than 4.3 million applications on both Google Play Store and the iOS App store today. And there’s no doubt that this number will increase remarkably in the years to come. 

But do you think all applications get the desired number of users and reach their desired success level? No. Actually, there are many apps that fail to appeal and are simply ignored or are uninstalled just after a single-use. And there are many reasons why apps fail. While some of the mobile applications may be good in terms of features and functionalities, there are many others that are trapped by some of the most common mobile app development mistakes. 

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Building a successful application can be quite challenging these days in the competitive environment. With every mobile user becoming a pro in using different mobile apps for different purposes, every business prefers having a mobile application now to cater to the user needs in the best way. 

And to ensure these businesses a perfect and successful mobile application, you must avoid these common mistakes proving yourself an expert in building flawless apps. 

Here are the mistakes you must avoid while building an application. 

Developing the app for many Operating Systems or platforms:

With a wide range of app development platforms available now, most of the developers especially the beginners and sometimes the business owners as well often fail to pick the right one for their projects and they end up building the app for too many platforms thinking of getting a large number of users from all. But this is not the right approach. Instead, you must focus on a single platform and its features and functionalities and then build your app for it to meet the quality standards and offer a great user experience. 

Adding unnecessarily too many features and functionalities in the app:

If you are thinking that you can engage more customers by adding too many features and functionalities to your app then you are absolutely wrong. Adding too many features can simply make your app bulky, confusing and cumbersome. Too many unnecessary features can also slow down the app loading time, which can take away all your users from your app. So, it’s better to keep your app simple, clean, and uncluttered with just the required features and elements. 

Not testing the app multiple times on multiple devices and screens:

A flawless and bug-free app is what you need to succeed and perform high. Making the mistake of not testing the app properly and on multiple devices and screens can lead to your app’s failure. So, make sure to keep this in mind and test your app vigorously before you deliver and launch it. 

Not updating the apps on time:

Timely updating your app with the release of new updates, features, and versions is important to let your app stay ahead with the updated and improved features and functionalities. 

Building mobile applications similar to desktop apps:

A desktop app is not the same as a mobile application. Developers must take care of it and should not mix the app development approach and requirements of both as the users and the user experiences are very much different for both mobile and desktop apps. 

For error-free and smooth mobile application development, developers must have hands-on experience in using different advanced tools, technologies, and languages. They must have strong insights on different aspects of application development including the target audience, available mobile app platforms, current trends, market fragmentation, and more. And most importantly, they must not commit any of these above-mentioned mistakes during their development process to end up successfully with a user-engaging mobile app every time with every business requirement. 

Rob Stephen is an expert app developer associated with a leading mobile app development company in Australia, GetAprogrammer. The author has written this article to help app developers to build bug-free and flawless apps avoiding all common mistakes and overcoming all challenges during the development process.