Parents are equally important as teachers are when it comes to a student to learn and educate. But Schools often had a great time involving parents in a student’s scholastic activities. Be it Annual Day Function, Sports Day, or Regular Parents teachers Meeting. Teachers had a hard time achieving maximum attendance from parents. Apart from these special days Homework, Projects, Co-curricular activities also require parents’ involvement for better results from students.  

Parents are our first teachers

Be it our first step or our first word we learn most firsts from our parents. Although they can't teach us everything hence, we are admitted to schools for better education. While few of us think that once a child is admitted to school it’s the duty of the school to teach them everything and transform the child into a good student. But we often ignore the fact that a child spends just 8 hours a day in school remaining 16 hours is spent at home with parents or guardians. So, parents also play a vital role in the 360 growth of a child and parents are the child’s first best friend too.

Today we will be discussing What holds back parents from involving in their child’s studies and what can be done by a school to increase parents’ involvement in their ward’s scholastic activities.

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The Problem

Every parent wishes to be a part of their child’s childhood journey and witness them growing and learning but providing them with a good lifestyle is also important hence most of the parents are working and the major problem that they encounter is time. It's really difficult for working parents to devote time to children as they have their own set of duties to perform hence Children suffers the lack of their time and involvement. Various studies have shown that lack of parent involvement results in improper growth of a child both physically and socially. Once parents are back from work due to a whole day of work, they are not in a state to devote more time and all they have is weekends that too with a lot of errands to do.

The Solution

As we all are very well aware that whether working or non-working but every individual owns a smartphone and access to the internet (Thanks to Jio Telecom). We all have different mobile apps loaded on our phone that helps by simplifying our daily tasks be it Ordering Groceries, Booking Tickets, Making Bill Payments, and what not. So, we should also have an app to monitor our child’s growth. Campus care mobile app enables both Parents & Teachers in collaborating in real-time and sharing information about child’s activities on the go anytime from anywhere. 

Parents can view the assigned homework, Access previous records, Analyse Performance Reports, and do the needful required. Parents can also communicate with the teacher regarding any information right through the mobile app in Realtime and have a quick discussion. This way parents can utilize their traveling time in putting a vigilance on their ward and his performance.

Teachers can also share invites for Special Functions or PTM’s so that parents can plan accordingly and they can also receive reminders regarding the same as scheduled by school authorities. School Mobile App helps parents in devoting more time to their children’s assessment and involve in scholastic activities of their children. For instance, if parents miss the annual sports function, they can still access the photos and videos of the participation of their wards on a mobile app and won’t feel left out and can cherish the moments. 

Undoubtedly, School Parent communication helps in creating a strong and effective relationship between school and parents. All thanks to technology and for revolutionizing the way schools used to work and becoming schools to be so quick, efficient, and easy.