Planning to get engaged is a memorable event anywhere in the world, and looking to up your “wow” factor, look no further! Just ask the event management companies in Kolkata. With so much going on around you, we understand that being betrothed is not something you can just throw on. This is why we have compiled a selection of exquisitely chic lehenga styles that, with to their designer elements and trendy appeal, would create the ideal engagement outfit.

The shimmer is back in style but with a lot more refinement in the patterns this season. Shimmer lehengas and sarees are very popular these days for all kinds of family gatherings. However, the lehenga's inherent flared and joyous appeal makes it a superior engagement dress. Glittery lehengas come in a variety of colours and shapes. To give yourself a younger look, choose a gown with modern necklines, back embellishments, and designer cuts for your engagement ceremony.

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Nothing says "rejuvenation" like a bouquet of delicate blossoms. Floral printed lehengas are a classic choice for a young bride-to-be. These, like shimmer lehengas, come in a variety of styles, but the ones with bolder designs and brighter blooms look the best for an engagement appearance. You can discuss with the experts of the wedding planner in Kolkata to help you find the best shops that has the latest collection of lehengas. However, because prints aren't as ornate as embroidery, it's usually a good idea to go for brighter hues or jewel tones.

Frills and ruffles are a great way to give your ethnic attire extra volume and flare. Ruffles in lehengas increase the dress's stylish impact while also making your twirls look more billowy and dreamy. Ruffle lehengas, unlike shimmer and patterned lehengas, can easily be overdone. Using milder and softer hues is the best approach to avoid this. The mix of such hues and frills will give you a youthful appearance that will become you even more as you flush with delight at the wonderful beginnings.

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A satin lehenga with classical decorations is the ideal choice for females who value elegance above all else. Satin lehengas have a glossy sheen to them, regardless of their colours and works, making them ideal for celebrations. Still, if you want to make a statement, use unusual colours. Any of the typical bridal hues with a natural satin-gloss can detract from your look's young ambience. Similarly, instead of gaudy embellishments, choose delicate features with minimalist and elegant patterns.

Do you want to add to the elegance of your engagement outfit by emphasising the modesty factor? Then you will have a hard time finding something as elegant and classy as a Kurti lehenga ensemble. The choli substitutes a lengthier Kurti, creating a more fluid and dignified form. In fact, these Kurtis can be as long as the lehenga itself, giving them a more flared version of the classic Anarkali suit. Kurtis, on the other hand, are often above-knee length and are excellent choices for giving lehengas a youthful appeal.

In ethnic fashion, pastel is the de facto novel palette. Indian sartorial tradition has employed vibrant hues to depict the excitement of celebratory occasions since ancient times. The subtlety of pastel colours, on the other hand, appeals to the contemporary tastes of the younger generation.