If you have already planned your moving day before the pandemic with the movers or by yourself then it would be advisable to postpone it if it is a distant move. Even if it is a short distance move or a long distance move, please do the same. If you are moving in the same society then you can possibly execute it with the help of your family members taking all the precautions that are necessary. 
Most of the people move from a distant place, if you are moving between the two states of India, within the same city or from any city to abroad then the best that you could do will be to postpone it. 
Still if you want to move now because of any reason and you have already booked your packers and movers then here is the guide. 

As it is said that precaution is better than cure then here are some of the tips that you should take while moving in pandemic:

• Don’t gather in groups because you never know who is infected 
• Make sure you maintain social distancing even while moving with your family
• Don’t go to buy stuff at market places and crowded areas
For most of the people, the moving date is something that is not at all flexible. If you are living on lease and it is about to end or if you have s sold or purchased a house with an assured date, then it becomes essential to move and it becomes legal for you to relocate. When the other states of the country have restricted all the activities that are not essential, moving is considered as one of the essential services and that is the moving companies are still operating. 
If you are flexible with your moving date then you can wait for your moving date especially if you have children or old age people at home. If you think that it would be impossible to postpone the move, then you can execute it with all the precautions for sure. 

People generally go for storage options while moving because it is the only way that we can keep some of the important things with us safely but not in our house. It helps you to save the storage space in the house which can be used to keep other important things that comes more in use. 
During the pandemic, storage companies maintain every kind of hygiene to come in practice. 
There are times when you have to cancel your move because of some or the other problem with you or with your family during the move and the moving company is willing to provide you with the service. 

• By any means, if you have to cancel your move due to corona then you should contact your moving company. You can tell them if you want to postpone or directly apply for the cancelation. If you are going for cancelation then you will have to pay the penalty and if you are going to postpone it then you will have to take further steps according to the rules and regulations of your moving company. 
• If you are not feeling well and sense any of the symptoms of coronavirus then you should notify it to your movers. In such cases it becomes very important for your movers to know such things so that they know the risk to their team and they can increase the sanitization, be more distant from your family members and be more careful. 

• If you are executing the move on your own then you must buy all the supplies in one go because going outside your house in the prevailing situation. It’s better that you make a list and then go to the store to purchase them all in one go. Make sure that you set the percentage of extra packing supplies that you should take because packing generally takes a little more than what you buy as everything is supposed to be packed in many protective layers so that they stay safe during the haul. Moreover you are not an expert in packing things so you might have to pack one thing 2-3 times in the beginning. 

• As per WHO, if you lie in risk group that is above 55-60 then you should cancel your move as soon as possible. It is always better to not to take such risks because it is always better to be safe than sorry. 

• Transparency is very essential when two teams are working on one mission. Health and safety
 becomes priority of both the teams and hiding anything from anybody can cause harm to both the parties at the same time. They won’t cancel or postpone your move but would take major steps in order to have a safe exposure to things. 

• Wear a mask and gloves in your hands while packing your belongings, and make sure you sanitize each and every thing you touch to pack. You must also keep some antibacterial wipes with you so that when you cannot wash your hands you can wipe them with them. Then most important thing of all is social distancing don’t gather around your movers when they arrive because safety comes first. Make sure you have taken the first dose of vaccine before executing the move. 
Here are some of the items that you should have on the moving day

• If you are executing the move on your own then buy some surgical masks and N95 masks for your family so that everyone covers their faces properly. 

• Buy a cane of sanitizer if you think that you will have to use a lot of as you will have to sanitize everything you have touched or pack. 

• Face shield plays an important role here because mask only covers the mouth and the nose but your eyes and rest of the portion of your face remains uncovered. 
So, have a happy and safe move with packers and movers.