Mastering writing in two weeks can be a little hard but, it’s doable. You need the urge and willingness for it to happen. Even if you’re trying to improve your writing, the tips I will suggest later can also be used for improvisation.

So, if you’re a beginner it’s probably very confusing for you where to start from, right? It’s normal, many people face this issue as it’s an easy task for everyone.

You can’t do the writing if you don’t yourself that well. You have to know yourself deeply enough so you know what you like to write about. Another important thing is you need an extensive vocabulary. It allows you to express your emotions using a different kind of words and sentences.

Writing isn’t possible without good vocabulary. If you don’t have a decent enough vocabulary, your writing will look poorly done but, don’t worry I’ll be listing some tips to expand your vocabulary as well.

How you can master writing and improve vocabulary in two weeks;

The most effective way to learn writing is through freewriting. Freewriting will help you get into the habit of daily writing. All you have to do is take out 20-30minutes daily and write about whatever you like. You can search for beginners writing topics online and write on that but, just write. And try to get a laptop and do your writing on that. We’ll talk about why you should write on a laptop later in this article.

Read books and novels to improve vocabulary as it’s the easiest way to do so. Try to read something written by a well-known writer as they’re known to have the best vocabulary. You’ll learn many new and hard to pronounce words when reading their books. Search the meaning of the word on the internet and write it down somewhere so you don’t forget about it.

Also, use an editing tool when writing and that’s only possible if you write on a laptop. So, invest in a laptop so you can use the editing tool. It helps you identify all the mistakes you make while writing. It also has a feature that will suggest you good vocabulary choices enabling you to write like a professional.

There are also writers with their websites open for papers writing help so, you can go ask them for help and they’ll you provide with the best possible tips to master writing and improve vocabulary. They have professional English degrees. They can even teach you writing but you’ll probably have to buy their service first.

A good writer always keeps his sentences short because they are easy to read and look neat. Also, when describing things, don’t get too wordy as it can sometimes get boring and irritating for the reader. Use simpler words and short sentences for your writing to look neat and easy to read.

You can also join a writing workshop but, that might be a little expensive as writing workshops are given by professional writers and they charge a lot.