Do you also keep seeing and hearing about Black Friday Sale 2021 on the Internet? Do you also keep getting many emails related to Black Friday 2021 Sale? In which big sales and deals are said in the name of Black Friday 2021 Online Sale.

What exactly is Black Friday? (What is Black Friday) and what is the history of Black Friday and the facts related to Black Friday, let us know.


What is Black Friday?

What is Black Friday? It originated in the US in September 1966. Black Friday is celebrated as an event. On this day all the retailers give huge discounts on their products.

There is a day in America which is called Thanksgiving Day. It's Just Next Day is called Black Friday. Meaning it must have been understood that ThanksGiving Day always falls on Thursday i.e. Thursday.


When is Black Friday celebrated?

If we talk about when Black Friday is celebrated, then let me tell you that it is celebrated every year on the last Friday of November. The Monday immediately after this is celebrated as Cyber Monday.

If we talk about when Black Friday and ThanksGiving Day will be in 2021, then friends this year means in 2021, it will be Thanksgiving Giving Day on November 26th.


Black Friday Sale 2021

Best Deal like Special Discount or Sell is available on Black Friday so that all the companies can sell their product as much as possible. That's why they provide great discounts to the customers even before the arrival of Black Friday.


Best Black Friday Deal

If you want to get a good Black Friday Deal this year then online shopping is a very good tool. You can get the best Black Friday Deal for you through online shopping.

Most of the Black Friday deals are kept secret.


Conclusion for Black Friday

Through this article, we gave you information related to Black Friday. By which you must have now understood what is the history behind celebrating Black Friday and Black Friday. 

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FAQS For Black Friday

When did Black Friday start in India?

Black Friday was started in India in 2018. This year Amazon gave huge discounts on goods to Indian customers. Since then, Amazon gives Black Friday Sale in India every year.


When is Black Friday celebrated?

Black Friday is celebrated every year on the fourth Friday of November.


When is Black Friday Sale this year?

This year, November 26 is Black Friday.


What was Black Friday originally used for?

Initially Black Friday was used for the ongoing financial crisis in America