Hi there, glad you have found our page on 192.168.l.l Vodafone wifi password change. Today you are going to learn how to change 192.168.l.l Vodafone wifi password in just 2 minutes. Also, you will get to know the basics of how to reset 192.168.l.l Vodafone wifi password. Anyone can use these simple steps to reset your 192.168.l.l Vodafone wifi password in case you have forgotten it.

192.168.l.l Vodafone WiFi Password Reset

192.168.l.l Vodafone wifi password change can be done using the steps mentioned in this article. Also, in this article you will learn these simple steps to change the password of your 192.168.l.l Vodafone wifi router. Also to change the password of your 192.168.l.l Vodafone wifi you need to have the Username and password. You can also attempt to change the password if your device, whether laptop or mobile is connected to the wifi.

How to login into 192.168.l.l Vodafone?

  1. Visit the IP address of in your browser.
  2. A window will pop up asking for Username and password.
  3. Enter the details asked in the above step.
  4. Click on login.
  5. You can manage all your 192.168.l.l Vodafone’s routers settings and change passwords, SSID names, etc., after logging in.

Note - 

192.168.l.l Vodafone login dashboard Default Username: administrator or admin

192.168.l.l Vodafone login dashboard Default Password: administrator or admin or 12345678

How to Change 192.168.l.l Vodafone WiFi Password?

  1. First login to 192.168.l.l Vodafone wifi dashboard.
  2. You can manage all the settings of 192.168.l.l Vodafone by logging into 192.168.l.l Vodafone.
  3. After logging into the 192.168.l.l Vodafone wifi dashboard, you can change its password very easily. 
  4. Now click on Settings and then on wifi.
  5. You will see the current security key ( password ) and SSID (wifi name) on this page. 
  6. Now click on change the password and SSID, enter the password and the SSID and then click on Apply.
  7. The 192.168.l.l Vodafone wifi password has now changed. After clicking Apply, you are disconnected from 192.168.l.l Vodafone. Now you can reconnect by entering your new password.

How To Change Login Username & Password?

Like we have changed the password and SSID. Similarly, we can change the login username and password of the admin panel Dashboard.

  1. As I mentioned above, its default login password and username are the administrator. First, you log in with this username and password in the Dashboard. We know that the IP address of the jiofi Dashboard is 192.168.l.l Vodafone.
  2. After login, click Settings and then on User Management. You can replace the old username with your new username on this page. And enter your current password in the password, and then after entering the new password, click on Apply. After clicking on Apply, will change your password and username.
  3. After clicking on apply, you will be logged out from the Dashboard, and now you can log in again with your new password and username.

How to test your new 192.168.l.l Vodafone WiFi Password Change?

Now that you have changed 192.168.l.l Vodafone wifi password you can test it by connecting it using the new password. Once you are connected you can open any website in your browser to test for a new password.

Other Wifi Password Change Steps

About 192.168.l.l Vodafone Wifi

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Frequently asked questions For 192.168.l.l Vodafone { FAQ }

Below you can read frequently asked questions about 192.168.l.l Vodafone wifi. When someone buys BSNL Wifi, there are many questions about it. For this reason, I have answered the frequently asked questions about router and dashboard IP addresses ( 192.168.l.l Vodafone )

Q- What are the 192.168.l.l Vodafone login default username and password??

Ans- Default username and password is 'administrator.'

Q- What should I do if I forgot my password?

Ans- If you don’t remember the password, then you can hard reset bsnl router. After reset, the wifi password is the default. You can see it by removing the battery.

Q- How is its speed??

Ans- Its Speed depends on the network, but in the full jio network area download speeds of up to 150 Mbps and upload speeds of up to 100 Mbps.

Q- What is the WPS button in it?

Ans- WPS (wifi protected setup ) button is a security key. Users can only connect with it when the WPS button is turned on. If anyone knows your password, you can off the WPS button; then no one connects with jiofi. As long the WPS button is off.

Q- What is 192.168.l.l Vodafone??

Ans- this is a login dashboard IP address; you can change the password and manage other settings.